September 1, 2020

WWE Superstar Showdown – Gameplay & Discussion

Tonight we’re teaming up and jumping in the ring to decide once and for all who will be the ultimate champion! Join us for an exciting tag team match, in WWE Superstar Showdown!

In this series you’ll be joining our group of friends for a post-game discussion of our favorite games. We’ll be highlighting exciting moments from the game and cutting to replays during our discussion.

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00:00 – Introduction
01:16 – Rules & Game Overview
13:48 – Titles & Game Play Montage
14:20 – Last Round of the Game
15:12 – Post-game Discussion Begins
15:53 – Replay #1 – Knowing when to play a Slam
17:49 – Playing Blocks
19:04 – Tactical Elements
20:55 – Why We Love This Game
21:45 – Different Wrestlers
22:35 – Teammate Participation
22:46 – Replay #2 – Knowing when to tag out.
23:56 – More on Team play
25:15 – Outside the Ring
26:33 – Melee Combat in Games
27:16 – Excitement With Every Card
27:42 – Game Balance
28:55 – Campaign Rules & Player Count
29:49 – Replay #3 – Knowing how to bluff.
31:22 – Cooperating With Teammates
32:17 – Thematic Elements
33:45 – Components and Game Play
34:11 – Final Thoughts


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  • This is the 3rd board game you guys have introduced myself and my friends to, so a big thank you for taking your time to make these videos, you guys are awesome. I Definitely agree that you don't have to watch wrestling to enjoy this game.

  • Wow I thought this was going to be a jokey review, but this seems like a cool legit review and game. I never heard of it. I loved wrestling in the late 80s and 90s, started following it again some and the only real problem is it would be better if there were more wrestlers.

  • This game is awsome!! I am a huge wrestling fan, and I think this a great game for both everyone. I don't know if this is a different type of match in the game, but in wrestling they do elimination matches, where you win when the other team is eliminated. I think that would be a cool thing to add to the game, along with other superstars or gimmick matches, and weapons as well.

  • That no block bluff failure was just awesome!!!
    I have to get this one… Still not available in any of the shops I usually buy games 🙁

  • I'm getting a BattleCON vibe. What happens if both sides choose the same type in the rock/paper/scissors bit?

  • I really enjoy Gale Force 9 games, I have Firefly and Spartacus. The battle system with Spartacus was novel and worked brilliantly, it looks like they've taken it up a notch again with this. It looks really good fun. Ive got to say with the awesome games they are producing I cant wait for "Black Sails".

  • every time I watch this, it makes me wanna play this game SO BAD:

  • thanks a ton for showing us this, i'm also wondering if its just tag teams or can you do one on one with two people aswell? and yeah definitly start watching wwe again i recomend nxt aswell!

  • Already added to my wish list. Does the retail version come with a game board or a roll-out mat? I've seen it displayed with both.

  • I was already keen on buying this after watching the demos online, but I'm sold after seeing the full rules and tag action. Great play through gents!

  • IVe been watching wrestling since my childhood and on the beginning i was down on the game but this replay really change my mind thnx Guys !

  • This was awesome, seems like you guys had a blast playing this(even more so than in your other videos :P). I'm in the same boat as you guys, used to follow wrestling way back in the late 80's early 90's, don't watch it nowadays, but this definitely interests me, seems super fun.

    Great video!

  • Wow, I hate WWE and wrestling but I wanna try this game lol. Great job!!

    Is it a minimum of 4 players or can it play with less? I also noticed that this game was sleeved as well, you gotta do a talk about sleeving at some point and organising games on shelves and in boxes etc

    I couldn't help but look at your copy of Spector Ops on the shelf now and wish we could get here… soon… soon I hope 🙂

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