January 18, 2021

Why We Love the Game of Thrones Characters So Much! How to Write a Great Character.

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Information for this video is sourced from the ASoIaF novels, HBO’s GoT, The Lands of Ice and Fire, The World of Ice and Fire, A Wiki of Ice and Fire, A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms, The Ice Dragon, The Rogue Prince, The Princess and the Queen et al.

Special thanks to for the amazing OST

Images and footage of HBO’s Game of Thrones used under the Freedom and Innovation Revitalizing U.S. Entrepreneurship Act of 2007: (IV) Public domain works; (V) Public interest work and research

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  • This was well done. I am currently working on my own story and I've now realized that the disadvantages/setbacks of my main characters are what makes them interesting and makes me want to write about this specific set of people winning in the end. I'm definitely going to use this as a method to make them more relatable.

  • This video is an absolute artistic beauty made by my Gemma ..the gem of my life .Congratulations Gemma .

  • myeah no, some people like these characters, I find them interesting and as a story teller myself, they are quite inspirational, but they are all bad onions, sorry.

  • I wouldn't say that a weakness or a disadvantage makes a character sympathetic. I agree there needs to be some injustice there. I find Tyrion sympathetic. I don't find Jaime sympathetic at all. I don't care what happens to the Hound, or Theon, or Stannis, or really anyone from the Reach or Dorne. I want to see Jaime, Cersei, Danaerys, Littlefinger, and the Greyjoys fail and fall. I don't like them. I want to see Jon, Sam, Sansa, Arya, and Tyrion succeed and win. They haven't just been hurt; they've been wronged. A lot of the others screwed themselves over or have (or had) their downfall coming because of the bad things they've done.

  • I've never forgiven Jamie for Bran, that was unforgivable. The woman's arms he dies in will be Brienne's not Cersai's. What Jamie did to Bran is what started the War of 5 Kings. It led to the discovery of the incest.

  • Sorry, but I cannot abide Arya. She's one of those dreadful female characters we're told it's okay to like because she's basically a boy. And she's truly obnoxious. At least Jaime developed and grew as a person, learning from past mistakes. Yet, look at a character like Sansa, who incites near violent hatred despite the fact she's done little to warrant it. It's really quite strange how people react.

  • i went on a date with a man who was genuinely frustrated with me for saying Jaime is my favorite character even though i dont like him. he didnt get it, how could i love a character who is So Terrible, and So Terrible in MY oWN words! his favorite character was Arya and mostly because she's always ~doing the right thing~ and rejecting social norms. there wasnt a second date!

  • Jamie sacrificed his "honor" to save a million lives. Instead of gratitude, he receives universal condemnation from moral simpletons. That endears him to me even more than losing his hand. I think he'd take respect for his character before respect for his fighting prowess.

  • Hi
    Do you think that bran is the big bad wolf hiding in plain sight. I think he might be the great other's champion aka the night King.

  • Here's a question for all you readers; do you empathise with the characters more in the books or on the show? To me they're different.

  • The thing is, anybody who only watches the first episode and stops there, will not just forever think that Jaime is an ass (and I can argue that he still is, but I get why people think not), but that the ones we considered good guys after the first episodes were not so good. Ned cut the head off of someone we saw that was truly & justifiably running for his life; Jon seemed like a broody brat; Tyrion kept slapping a child (& at this point in the story, we didn't know for sure that he deserved it); Dany was weak & malleable; and Robert treated his queen disrespectfully. I guess my point is that even the "good" guys didn't come off easily liked in the first episode either.
    Great video!

  • im new to GOT… literately a few months…. and im hooked. I care about the characters, wasn't expecting that at all. im surprised and ready for the rest of the story and I will read the books just to get caught up. I am totally enthralled in the drama. give it to me. and thank you for your hard work keeping us engaged through the long wait for season 8

    P.S: i Cannot "look passed" Jamie pushing a child of 10 out the window. but that action made Bran iwho he is. but i truly hate incest . that alone made me relish in his hand amputation, i literally juiced myself into an orgasm, same with Joffery and cercie, but I did feel sorry for her when she did her walk of atonement. the look she gave the camera after the peseant smeared shit on her shoulder… was of defeat, sarrow and shame. unreal. I almost wanted her to get revenge but 80% of the Lannisters are horrible. they do a good job at drawing sympathy from their watchers. I appreciate this TV show sometimes mistaking it for full blown, drawn out movie.

  • If "Mary Sue" Rey DIED at the BEGINNING of Star wars Episode 9 I would Not give a F-ck!!! That character was the first thing that popped into my mind during your initial exposition. Weakness Where? She was abandoned and has no Idea of family life But she is unjustifiably Great at everything posed to her and is unreasonably well adjusted for a savage salvage worker. Shit I would stand and cheer if she were accidentally sucked out the air lock of the millennium falcon!!….. Before the opening crawl ;)…..
    Thank you for always producing such thought provoking content

  • in other news, I went to the Movies for the first time in quite a long time, saw Mary Queen of Scott's, I dug it, but I'm a patron of that story, or whatever story is pieced together because it's clear that much of the detail is left to the author…but none the less I'm into it, like to pretend that those Queens are my ancestors somehow.

  • ya know what I think and it's funny, I just got Fire and Blood, like just, like as in I haven't even started reading it, but you know, it LOOKS an awful lot, to me, like the 6th book we've been waiting for. I think it is, and GRRM just was being sneaky and oh oh but you are wrong Audrey, the sixth book is called winds of winter dumbass, you're on some crazy shit….yeah whatever I'm telling you, red herrings all over the place and fake outs and if you're only in it because you're an HBO duchelord, you are gonna miss the end and you'll be crying about it for the rest of time, this story, I mean the whole story is the awesomest tale and it's right there in front of everyone's noses and George is probably laughing about how many "readers" are missing the best parts, and will continue to do so until the stop looking at their own reflection and enjoy a world without mirrors.

  • Absolutely brilliant analysis of the ASOIF characters! Many thanks for your insights.
    The only character who was "flat", who had virtually no backstory and no conflict for us to study was Jaqen Hagar. I never got a sense of what motivated him, what he wanted from Arya, what he saw in her and identified with. Even Petyr Baylish, vile cobra that he was, had sadness and hurt in his past.
    I also wish we'd seen more depth to Ramsey — what had happened to him to create the sexual sadist he became? The only real emotion he showed was the terror that came with the sudden realization that his starving dogs were about to eat his face off.
    I'd love to see your thoughts about the main and secondary characters' early histories that shaped who they are in the story. What caused Eddard Stark to be blinded by his honor to the point where he overlooked what Cersei was capable of in defense of her family? How aware is Danerys about her need for good advisors? Is her ego too big to accept good advice she may not want to hear? If so, where did that come from?
    Love your vids! They've really enhanced my knowledge of ASOIF.

  • I think the whole Arya and the pie thing is a very similar to the "rat cook" story . She did it as a statement to Frey before she kills him.

  • I never understood why people love or even care about these characters so much.
    They are all trash, except Jon who is perfect, which in turn makes him boring.
    I just enjoy the complexity of the story and the world.

  • Just walked home from a new year's eve party at 8 am listening to you Gemma, thank you, you never disappoint! Perfect accompaniment on my quiet, meandering journey! 😀

  • Really excellent video, Gemma. I do love the characters in GoT because they are so complicated and their flaws are so real and so true to human nature. As we learn more about them our opinions of them evolve and that evolution can take quite a wide turn. At a time when special effects and CGI are taking precedence over tiny little things like character development and plot, GoT has been a breath of fresh air. At least until last season's visually stunning bad fan fiction north of the wall anyway. I can't wait to see what season 8 and the final books teach us about these characters we already love or hate so much. Great job and thanks for your hard work and dedication.

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