November 20, 2020

Weekender: Will 2020 Bring Us Full Colour 3D Printing? #Weekender

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Welcome back to another big delve into the tabletop gaming world for 2020 as we start off the year proper with The Weekender. We’re all back, conquering illness, and with lots to chat about.

There is plenty for us to dive in and talk about so make sure, as always, to throw in your thoughts down below as your comments help us develop the conversation!

► Fascinating 3D Printing News

So, it looks like Hero Forge are going to be starting something pretty special soon. They have been teasing the development of their platform with all new tweaks but the really fascinating part is that it is going to include a Full Colour option.

Are they going to be able to “change the game”? Well, Warren and the guys share their thoughts on the matter and talk about what the prospects are for this kind of technology. We also make sure to note existing options like that from Shapeways and soon from Secret Weapon Miniatures.

► News

As well as that pretty exciting news from Hero Forge we also have more for you…

Aether War – Things are hotting up as two revamped factions clash in Age Of Sigmar
Chaos Campaigns & Teclis – The mighty Elf is back soon alongside a new campaign and Ogor Hunters!
Battle Sisters & T’Au – Some brand new grimdark miniatures are in the mix over the coming weeks
Skyrim Awaits – Modiphius has talked more about the release of The Elder Scrolls: Call To Arms
Gangs Of The Undercity – Keep an eye out for more on this Fantasy/Cyberpunk gang skirmish game
Marvel United – CMON and Spin Master Games are joining forces for a more kid-friendly looking board game
Return To Dark Tower – Restoriation Games look to be doing it again with their take on a classic
So, what from the news caught your eye this week?

► Kickstarter

Just one Kickstarter project for you this week as no doubt we’ll have many more to dive into in the coming days. Here we have SanctorVM which is a new survival horror adventure/roleplaying game from the Antoni Bonet Balanzat featuring a diverse and interesting cast of characters, interesting mechanical choices and plenty of wonderful artwork and music to play along to.

So, if you’re fascinated by the dark and the brooding this might be for you!

Have a great weekend of gaming!


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  • Of course its not going lo look like the 3d render, and the guy in the cap says It is that or nothing? I really dont agree with that. Have to admit I will probable never order a prepainted mini but I will have so much fun using just their great software

  • I could see people who don't like to paint be interested in color 3D printing but otherwise I see no use for it.

  • Well the Heroforge 2.0 Kickstarter is now live… Holy poop, the techno-sorcery of the Mimaki 3DUJ-553 printer's they're going to be using is insane! I had no idea that's where we were already with 3D printing. Seems genuinely revolutionary.

    Even speaking as someone whose hobby consists almost exclusively of painting mini's, give it another 5yrs for consumer sized versions to emerge and I can seriously see my future-self just digitally painting my mini's and then printing them out instead of painting them.

    I can definitely see future Kickstarters offering full-colour minis, those print beds look like they could pump out a few hundred mini's at a time – not as quickly as injection moulded plastics but you wouldn't have to bother with tooling or mould making and given enough lead-time it could be a feasible and very attractive alternative. Also if GW aren't already looking at incorporating this technology into their future business strategy in some fashion, they might want to start looking into it.

  • Love the content I think the main problem is that most people get their world building from saturation. Warhammer Fantasy had its lore pretty much the same for 30 years so even for people who never read a single book would know what the factions were about and even some characters. With AoS I don't think people have even read most of the lore, and expecting it to be presented say they do not understand it. The world has been being fleshed out and stuck together for 3 years now but I don't think that there is saturation yet. The other problem is with how people interpret GW's motivations, AoS and 40k are now living worlds. Fantasy and Heresy are static, so when people say x isn't concrete it's because its not, things can change now. Overall I don't mind too much when people criticise AoS's lore for not being developed enough or clear enough to them, (though the grumpy old fantasy player still being upset is unfortunately still a trope that exists) I do think that people expect the lore to be in summary form straight away. As for specific factions, There are some weird ones (from a fantasy stand point), like K.O. and Idoneth, but almost all of the "standard" fantasy tropes are still present, in things like Cities of Sigmar, Orks (of all flavours), Goblins etc. But now there are also factions which buck that trend instead of being the same 28mm plastic dwarfs you can get in plastic from probably a dozen companies at this point. I would argue the attempted marketting of a lack of fantasy has created far worse lore than AoS – because all of the fantasy universes I've seen since are much much more generic and non-distinct. AoS feels a lot more like a DnD world, it can change dramatically – not like a LotR world which is pretty much static save for some elves getting their feet wet a few thousand years ago. Anyway probably shouldn't have done such a long commentary but wanted to contribute and say how much I love the weekender and what you guys do keep it up!

  • 3D printing has certainly come a long way, and become a lot less costly for the masses.
    Will keep tabs for sure..

  • so many cool minis in the background! how do you manage to dust them off? or is there a trick to keep the dust away?

  • Lang tweeted that Marvel United is a totally original game and is not a reskinned Arcadia Quest. I also wonder if companies are teaming up with SpinMaster because SpinMaster has the Marvel Board Game licence locked down. Wiggles3D partnered with them to to 5 Minute Marvel, a reskin of their 5 Minute Dungeon game.

  • I agree that painting is a big barrier to alot of people and I'm glad this should open people up to the hobby.

    Im not sure I will stop painting though. I enjoy it, and there is something personal about it. Like raising my child, I become more invested in my guys than if I just order some ready made kid online. Of course, I will still get some of these.

  • Another great Weekender show, I think that the 3D printing technology is growing by leaps and bounds. Bring back the Squats in the 40k universe either as a new for from the other side of the galaxy or a Empire that materializes from the Warp rifts

  • Happy new year, OnTableTop! Totally agree with the Age of Sigmar discussion. Excited for Pointy Aelves too!

  • AOS flavor is the same of Masters of the Universe, specially old people like you should get that. Wipe out the comparision with WHF.

  • I've been really looking forward to Elder Scrolls Call to Arms, but it's far too pricey. Mophidius are making GW look cheap. Great show as ever. Have a great weekend folks!

  • I hope you all had a great Christmas.
    Colour 3d printing should hopefully mean pressure plastic armies.
    I'm with Justin on the techy dwarfs – they would look so much better if they used hot air balloon instead of sci fi globes.

  • If they print full color minis, I can't imagine how expensive they will be… they are $30 bucks just for flat plastic.

    I have several minis from Hero Forge, they are quite nice.

  • There are several possible existing full colour 3D printing technologies around, PolyJet and variations of it are probably the best at the moment. There are some under development which I havent seen for a while. Even the davinci ink jet with FDM can work quite well, although for minis…
    As for all 3D printing one of the major issues is supports and whatever mechanism is used. It will be interesting what they present but I am currently leaning to new software and a stronger tie in with the sandstone method from shapeways.

  • Sure fully painted and printed is nice but it completely negates the fact of why we game. PAINTING OUR ARMY. I.e. taking pride in your work, choices and build. Its half the fun.

  • Maybe the full color printer is something like the DaVinici color printer. I believe they have a technology where the filament is “inked” as needed during the printing process.

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