June 19, 2021

Warframe: How to build a Dry Dock | Rising Tide Update

Heyy Everyone!
Here’s a brief walk through on how to get your own Dry Dock in your Warframe Dojo!!! Up next we’ll talk about how to get Cephalon Cy and do the Rising Tides Quest!

Happy Hunting!
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  • I just left a clan, and am making my own dojo, rn I’m having a reactor made, can I just have a clan just for a dry dock?

  • and its only the 2 of us still making the dry dock it would be nice to get more helpful advice from u i think u make much more sense i think lol so yea

  • soooo…nobody gonna talk about how she has to put the letter "a" before nearly every word she says? I a-don't a-know how I a-feel about a-this… a-lol 🙂

  • Thank you so much <3 I was having a headache trying to find out why I couldn't build my dry dock on an empty floor UwU Love your videos! Nidus Rules!

  • I have no friends that play warframe so i just have my own clan with only me that i started when i realised i needed one to get
    a railjack

  • The size of it is literally ridiculous. Seriously when the dev said "it's big" I didn't expect "you'll need 3 entire floors for it and even then it may not be enough."

  • Well looks like I am going to have to completely rework my dojo X,..,X means deleting alotta organized spaces annnd rebuilding them later…-_- more platinum wasted it would seem

  • I'm slightly kicking myself for not being the active member in my clan lol. Everyone else is kinda gone as well and our clan is like a fucking maze it's self. Trying to find a fitting spot is like…. Hard.

  • Don’t worry about your clan being like a maze…

    Because my clan is like Ikea

  • Dont try and build a DRY DOCK PEOPLE!!! Just let Warframe die. Its a plat scam. When a game makes something that doest work and charges for it, it's a scam. No one has time for this bullshit

  • Awesome a younger for Warframe I haven't seen before! Welcome! Xbox, hypnotoadtrance hit me up! Let's play (just got a double crit opticor riven today, haha, for 98 play, SCORE! Spartan laser in effect! Lol nice to see a new nlutuber warframing

  • I'm basically doing it by myself my clan its pretty dead; even the alliances are dead but I'm thankfull my clan isn't so big that I have given most that I need but for mine required 3 formas

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