August 30, 2020

VAULT OF DRAGONS Board Game Review

theMCGuiRE review takes a look at GaleForce Nine and their D&D Waterdeep themed game, Vault of Dragons. In this title you will be adventuring around the city of Waterdeep trying to learn of the elusive vault. You will collect secrets in dungeons and fight local factions for power in the city, collect rumors, and make money! This game kind of has it all and that is why I like it. Is it a worker placement, an adventure game, a combat game, a dungeon crawl – well its kind of a little bit of all that. Well done – I want more!

GaleForce Nine:

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  • Couple call outs Team:

    Loose = Lose – typo…

    The small faction miniatures ARE included in the game – its only the larger miniatures I have added in for thematic enhancements. That is probably obvious but wanted to clarify

  • There are not many youtube reviews about this game and the ones out there suck and are useless, aside from watching the official GF9 how to play videos. Yours is actually the only good one I saw, and gives a real feel of the game, the mechanics and thankfully a brief round overview that clarifies and allows to decide whether this is a game one would like to get or not. I have GF9's Sons of Anarchy and I knew it shared mechanics with this one and wanted to see if they were the same, with different skin. They are not, some part of it is, but they differ in other mechanics and this Vault is more complex with a little more things to do as it presents more variables. Due to your review I now have that cleared out and probably will get this game as well.

  • What a great video. So true about the rules really suck as presented. We had a pre-release demo at Gen Con to give some education or would have been lost. This video sewed up some things we were questioning. Thanks!

  • Great review, bought the game a while back as not heard of it before and thought it looked/sounded good from back of the box. But have not yet had chance to pull it out mainly due to the rule book.

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