September 1, 2020

TRYING TO LEARN MAGIC… | Minecraft – Part 10

There’s magic in minecraft and I’m gonna learn it! Just gotta get an enchanting table. Which means I need a book. Which means I need leather…

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  • does he know that all you have to do to get the new nether in his old world is to load in new chunks?? he didnt have to make a new world

  • You can get higher level enchantments when you build a lot of bookshelves around your enchanting table, didn't know about that before too and I just treated bookshelves as decor pieces.
    Items in Minecraft should really have descriptions in them.

  • if you surround your enchantment table with bookshelves then you can get better enchantments for your weapons. Also, to cook food faster get a smoker! (One furnace and four blocks of wood (NOT WOOD PLANKS!) around it.

  • Mark: (trying to learn enchantments and enchanted his stuff with joy) "I've done it!!!"
    Got Sharpness 1 on a sword and Efficiency 1 on a pickaxe
    Me : (putting bookshelves 1 block away from the Enchanting Table)
    Got Sharpness 4 on a sword and Fortune 1 on a pickaxe in just 5 days

  • Hmmm
    Mark: I don't know how to make magic…
    Mark: …and the way you make magic is to make an enchanting table.

    Mark: I don't know anything about enchanting.
    *enchants 2 items*
    Mark: I am an enchanting gunius.

  • Felix 10 episodes in: Lives in a full small farm with a detailed house full of chests
    Jack 10 episodes in: Lives in a god damn castle surrounded by a farm
    Mark 10 episodes in: Lives in a single room carved out of a mountain inbetween a nether portal and a mine

    Have we been doing something wrong here? Like, have we been doing a worse job at teaching Mark than the other two?

  • We shouldn't be surprised with him looking for a pig when searching for leather because a few episodes he literally paced back and forth instead of making an infinite water source… not to mention cough cough 16 buckets. Haha love you mark😂

  • The bet still continues
    If this man markimoo actually manages to get a full netherite set with all the tools (Except the hoe)

    I will throw my entire netherite set IN HARDCORE on the floor and watch it till it despawn.

    That is my challenge for you Mark:

    "The Final Horizon" To find and make netherite and make an entire armor and tool set of netherite.

  • Hey Mark. Don't worry about the foibles and perils involved in learning to Minecraft. Everybody starts at the beginning and it's only your own perserverance that get's you thru the tough bits. Lot's of luck and hope you're having fun!

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