August 30, 2020

Top 5 Debut Games from Spiel 2015 (Essen 2015) –

Are you ready for the news that’s coming out of Spiel on October 8th – 10th? Mary’s giving you her top 5 debut games from this conference in Essen, Germany.

Tiny Epic Galaxies
Loop Inc:
Dilluvia Project

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Music courtesy of Kevin MacLeod (­ncompetech)


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  • I'm real sad my phone died during my comment before. basically, love your face and you make gaming look so cool. and this con sounds freaking amazing!

  • Not all of the hundreds of games get the same exposure.
    If you ever go, you need to bring 2-3 friends. Then you can sit down and play some of of the larger publisher's games. (If you go alone, you will have to find strangers to play with, which can have very mixed results.) But usually they have only the top 5 newest games available. Some other publishers only sell. So be prepared to be disappointed when you go there to find particular games. It's great to discover new things though.

  • And I hope someone makes a t-shirt with the T-Rex from the cover of Loop, Inc: he looks perfect for it.

  • I played Tiny Epic Galaxies on Saturday. It's a good game, but it took a lot longer than we expected (two hours, I think). There's a whole lot of options on every turn and sometimes one action can chain around the table into a whole lot of actions for other players.

  • Oh my Mary, its the Knitting Dev!

    Poor thing you looked so sleepy here. But you still managed to put together a great little video despite the tech goblins getting at you.

    504 is the most interesting game you talked about to me. I'm really hoping (for their sake if no one else's) that its actually one game with 504 variants where its like you have x amount of rules you can adjust on, off or variant resulting in 504 permutations of the game.

    Because I know I can't go, I just try to put an ear out after Essen Spiel to see what's coming out. Ninja Division will probably have Ninja All Stars there, but the only game I know for sure is coming out then is Tanto Cuore: Oktoberfest: not exactly the biggest of news.

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