January 17, 2021


I cannot stress enough how important it was for me to play this game. It’s been far too long since I played a fan game and I’m so glad that I was able to play this game in its entirety. This game took over 2 YEARS to make and I can’t thank the developers enough for putting the time and effort into making this game something truly special. Please extend all the love in the world to everyone who had a hand in making this incredible game, I’ve linked what I could find below!

Play Hearts and Heroes ►

Dino – the-tiny-king.tumblr.com
Laura – markipliergamegifs.tumblr.com
Morgan – m0rkl.tumblr.com
Jude – aohoshiart.tumblr.com
Catherine – crystalcatart.tumblr.com
Kaila – kailarocks19
Jeeyeon – climbing-class.tumblr.com
AJ – markle-sparkle.tumblr.com
Spoonycorn – spoonycorn.tumblr.com
Grace – markiplier-reaction-posts.tumblr.com

Nguồn: https://belahanajima.com/

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  • PLEASE check the description for the links to everyone that worked on this incredible game!

    I can't thank them enough so please help me in pouring all the love in the world on top of them!

  • I know this video is 2 years old, and you probably get a million notifications a day, but seriously, Mark, you are an artist in the same way actors are artists. You have a personality, even if it's your real one, that you put on for the shows that you do for both your enjoyment, and for your fans. In the most 'bro-way' possible, I love you, man, we all do. You're a great person, never forget that.

  • i love this quote from mark at the end of the game so im just gonna put it here "i could die tomorrow, and i would be so proud of everything you guys have done, and everything that we've accomplished. im so lucky, im still in my 20s and i have almost a legacy i could be proud of and its all because of you guys and the things that we've managed to do have echoed everywhere. i know that me crying is a meme at this point, but i dont care that is how important this is to me. thats how hard it hits me when i see the things that you do. i never want, i never expect, i never even desire thanks from it, but every time i see it and every time i hear you guys thanking me for what I've done. . . it hits me so hard cus 1 i never expected it and 2 i dont feel like i deserve it half the time. i can only thank you guys. " skip some of this "i do believe in you 100% i dont care if you've herd that before, i dont care if it sounds empty to you. i am a living breathing example of someone who came from nothing and did something because i wanted to change the world. and i couldn't have done it with out other people supporting me through that, never take for granted the connections you can make. even on the internet. i mean the internet is this wonderful tool that has allowed so many people to connect across entire countries, and its an amazing this what we can do when we work together. and when we put good out into the world. and we inspire people more then just trying to fix negativity. that we can push out positivity out there. that we can make people that its not just something to be ignored. its not something that you can just walk by. its something that is a shining beacon of hope for people out there. and yes the videos, their stupid and there crazy but together, we can make so much more. and thats something i will always be grateful for." that took a hot minute but lets be grateful as a community and lets keep spreading that positive influence across the world

  • So, I'm two years late on this, but Mark. Thank you so much. And to all the creators of this game. Mark, I know you said over and over that you don't feel like you deserve this, but you do. We're all human, we're all flawed and traumatized and learning and growing. And there's one thing that brings us together. Laughter. The concept of joy so great we can't contain it. You spread joy and positivity even in your playthroughs of sad or horror-genre games. Humans have such a great capacity for good and for kindness, and we forget that so easily when things grow dark. You were a light in my darkness when I was a young teen, and now again during COVID in 2020. I've survived abuse, I've survived loss, I've survived upheaval. And yes, I don't want to discount the other family, friends, and mentors that made that survival (and eventual thriving) possible. But what I don't think you realize is that to so many of us, you're part of the people we call family. I've never met you, and yet you've raised me, in some ways, like a big brother might. I'm gonna wrap this up before I publish a whole book on it…. but thank you. I know my likes and comments may seem like distant statistics, but you've made a huge difference in my life.

  • 2:16:37 This is true to me because in school, many people think Im Chinese or Japanese. And because of this, I have to tell then that Im not and tell them that Im Filipino, which means that my ancestors are from the Philippines. Im also 1% (I think) Chinese but Im not sure. I don’t fast though

  • 12:49
    Isn't that the sound of the noise made by the mouse that leaves Snowdim in the game Undertale? In the Secound level?

  • Hey Mark, I haven't been a fan long, but I wanted to say that you really help people. My little brother watches so many of your videos and they have really helped him through some tough times in high school. He's a huge gamer just like me and has gotten me totally hooked on your videos. Oh, and also, you totally deserve it. You should definitely believe in yourself and believe in everything you have done to help people.

  • I'm watching this 2 years after you made this mark and it means so much to me that you make all your fans lives better right now currently I'm going through some crazy stuff in my life and I know this is gonna sound cheesy but your videos are helping me so so so very much I couldn't stop crying at the end of this video heck I'm crying as I type this and I know your probably not gonna read this but if you do just know you mean the world to me,my friends, and to everyone who is watching

  • thank you for creating this game! for your hard work and dedication!! thank you mark for playing it! It is beautiful game. real. honest. precious. don´t worry mark…i also cried…several times ;D

  • Mark, I know you’ve probably heard this hundreds or even thousands of times, but I really, REALLY want to thank you for saving me. Without you I don’t know what I would’ve done during that dark time of my life. You are an inspiration and a saving grace to countless lives, including mine. So please, from the bottom of all of our hearts, and the ocean of tears we cry when we see you get emotional, thank you and we. Love. You. ❤️❤️❤️

  • Am I watching this in 2020 for the 20th time? Yes

    Did it make me cry? Yes

    Did it make me eat my whole donut supply from emotional habits? Yes

    Do I still love Mark nonetheless? Yes, he's amazing and has helped my depressive episodes so much, even if I rewatch the old videos, they help all the same.

  • Second time here and it's only been a week since the last time I've watched this. Still cant stop crying. Anyone here reading this during the pandemic, I wish you the best of luck and remember, Mark believes in you and so do I. You got this ❤

  • Mark: Kills everything with the same item the whole game and doesn't buy a single weapon or armor

    Also Mark: almost dies fighting Freddy "This is outrageously unfair!"

  • Markiplier idk if you'll ever read this idek if you know that I exist but I wanted to thank you for making feel that no matter what happens I can be me and that I matter you made me feel like I matter you made me feel like whatever happens I can do my job im a YouTuber I'll probably never be as famous or as important as you but thank you for making me feel like I can help people and that I'm not alone thank you so much for everything like I said idk if you'll ever see this you probably don't know I exist but thank you thank you for everything much love it's ya boy devilboi

  • I got so emotional towards the end and cried each time you did… I'm so glad they got discovered by you and I'm with them. Partly the reason why I wound up streaming what I played was because of you, and admittedly as piecemeal as my LIVEs and videos are I'm still being myself in them. They were really on point when making this game. 💕💕💕

  • I am literally flampt in real life. I just complain anonymously that I’m lonely but when there are people who try talking to me. They never seem to have good intentions and I end up just isolating myself from them cause I feel better without their negativity.

  • I remember watching this a few years ago in the university library, procrastinating on my paper. I was so stressed out, but honestly this video really helped me feel better about my night!

    Now I’ve recently graduated and going stir crazy, but this video is still refreshing, and I like to play it The background while I do other things around the house if I can’t actively watch it.

  • Watching this makes me wonder…. How do you get a concussion in a dream?

    Cause there are alot of people knocked out on the hospital beds in the medical bay ;-;

  • Me watching tiktok: sees this vid
    me here: O_O this gives me creeps
    also me: remembering the line "i am not mark i am dark" i saw in tiktok

  • He's the hero who protects our hearts no matter who we are, and I never knew that someone will have this importance in my life even without knowing me in person.

  • Ok you are the best youtuber in the world to me so i wanted you to know and you try your best for us so your welcome

  • His hesitation when it said "ready to go" for the final time.
    It was so literal, are you actually ready to go? Leave the game? End the experience?
    And Mark hesitated, he didn't immediately want to, because he loved this game, and I loved this too; and i, as a fan, love Mark, and he loves his fans.
    That is just amazing.

  • Mark: Normal Shopkeeper
    * leaves room *
    * returns after hearing destruction *
    Mark: Perfectly Normal
    * not noticed the dead corpse *

  • I had never watched this because it missed my radar at some point but I can say without a shadow of a doubt that I am so glad that I came back and found this video. This game was by far one of the most true to life things that I have ever seen… it really hit me in the feels and this is ok. (P.S. Flampt is a mood)

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