August 29, 2020

The Weekender: Guild Ball Special!!!

Get your game on:

In this week’s show, the guys have been joined by Mat from Steam Forged Design and it’s going to be a blast as they get to grips with Guild Ball and all the little things that make it a very special Kickstarter. They also have a quick word about what they have been getting up to hobby wise this week, including Justin once again building like a maniac to get our Wild West Exodus minis built and ready for upcoming content, Warren building more gaming tables for us to play on and Lloyd finally getting minis together for his dream army.

The Weekender: Guild Ball Special!!!

So, with this being another great week in gaming for us, what have you been up to? And will you be joining one of the Guild Ball guilds?


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  • Price range and level of details, gives to me more the idea of a display game rather than something you can actually take out of the box and play with. TableTopStandard paint level would not do right to those amazing models. 

    I think of it like something for the "elite gamers".

  • Oooh yes. Off to kickstarter I go. I thought Guildball was just another Bloodbowl (which is a pretty perfect game) but this demo shows just how many layers of tactical depth there can be and yet not lose the flow of a sport.

    Really excited for the scope for pitches too. From open fields to back alleys to a warehouse to a dockyard. Endless possibility.

  • Personally, I'd use the Samurai for Kings of War over WHFB Empire. You've got much more freedom with how you pick your units, and you can easily ally in some undead for the Skeleton Samurai.

  • Becoming more despondent with backstage as it's mentioned regularly but there is hardly anything there and not updated enough.  Things are mentioned on the weekenders about backstage and you visit yet said mention isn't there as it's a "coming soon".  Don't mention it then until it's about to be uploaded.

    Why am I still subbed then?  Because I still want BoW to continue and want more long plays with Warren and Dave playing either FoW or Bolt Action.

  • I really like the looks of this game. Too bad there will be no resin models available … Probably still gonna try it though but that leaves a bit of a bitter taste.

  • Lloyd, I'd go with Empire too, the army composition has to be the most precise in comparison with Hail Caesar or Kings of War.. I've got a 100 years war empire army planned with Fireforge and Perry plastics based on the same principle.

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