August 30, 2020

The Under Presents | No Idea What This Game Is…But I LOVE It

Today, I watched my clones open dozens of doors. I watched a concert about cat food. I saw a player act as a lamb. I have no idea what this game is. But I LOVE IT.
Join the Pack! ➤

Unravel the mysteries of The Aickman, a doomed research vessel trapped in Arctic ice, in our newest act “Timeboat!”
Follow our crew as they vanish one by one.
Manipulate time to alter characters’ fates.
Collaborate with your past selves to explore our crew’s memories.
Meet Gerald, a most unusual dolphin.
Cozy up to new friends and enjoy stage shows.

The Under Presents:


Apparently I have a TikTok now: @wolf_in_vr


VR Headsets:
– Oculus Quest
– Oculus Rift S
– Valve Index
– HTC Vive
– HTC Vive Pro

#awolfinvr #virtualreality #theunderpresents


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  • I played this game before, but got confused in the intro and didn’t even know about the time clone things until act three. I just thought they were other players

  • Shame you didn’t continue this series,it’s gotten a lot better now that’s it’s older,it’s even coming to Steam!

  • If you take of your mask start the blue fire then click once ,spin counter clockwise one, clockwise once then click twice then you make one of those keyboard guitar things

  • Just watched a little of your playthrough, and I'm really thinking about purchasing this. Do you recommend it?

  • Its so strange to watch someone experience it all completely new, and remember that things that feel so simple now are actually super confusing to newbies

  • I actually found the skeleton, he teleported me to a lab and taught me how to make a new mask, unfortunately he could only use gestures to teach me due to skeletons lacking vocal cords.

  • Could anybody tell me what it is on the Time Boat I need to do and if it is actually possible to get Adela out of there I cannot quite tell if I am stuck or if I am finished

  • Have you played through the boat acts? I gave this game a 5 star review after the first hour because the first hour is incredible but.. the boat crap is making me want to go back and change my review. It's so boring

  • Idk how you did some of those things. I’m genuinely confused. I actually finished the game and hated it, never laughed or had good moments. I’m so mad cause I loved VVR and this one was so confusing 🙁 left a bad review.

  • This game is more than just a game. Also I think everyone had the exact same reaction in the beginning when we released who the other person was in the beginning!

  • This game is awesome
    Today I killed players with poison apples for an hour straight until the live actors came out and put me into a cage! Then they taught the whole group the poison spell so they could fight back then released me to get my but kicked lmao

  • Wait wait was the guy giving the tour like a dev or something? He was definitely a real person but had the ability to spawn weapons and teleport players, wtf!?

  • Opening the desert castle with some new friends is a blast!
    I need someone to teach me the fireworks magic trick please

  • Had a few glasses of wine, got a LITTLE stoned, downloaded this game with no expectations and… well.. you can imagine how fried my mind was afterwards

  • I've been playing it also. Haven't uploaded a video yet, but probably will today. Definitely surreal and trippy and fun. Just wait till you get further in the game!

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