August 30, 2020

The smart way to improve your English | Learn Collocations

⭐️Improve your English pronunciation and expression by imitating a native English speaker –

Have you heard of collocations? When two or more words go together naturally in English – words that often appear together in sentences.
Learning COLLOCATIONS (rather than individual words) helps you to sound more fluent and natural when you use English!
In this lesson, I’ll go through 20 collocations with the verb MAKE (words that often appear in sentences with the verb make!)

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⭐️Improve your English pronunciation and expression by imitating a native English speaker:

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  • A common example of the non-sense translation: Spanish = Es la leche! English = It's the milk! The approximate translation would be "Cheese, Louis!" "I'm gobsmacked" "How awful!" "It's the best of the best!" It depends on the context. Another one: "De perdidos, al río": "From lost to the river". Correct translation: "In for a penny/dime, in for a pound/dollar".

  • We need to make a decision. Please make a desert and coffee for the guest. List a things that we have to do, and let's Make a good plan so that way we will not apologize for anything. Make a breakfast for the boss, and make sure no mistake because I don't want to hear any excuses from him. He made false statement, and that will change everything.

  • She made two mistakes. First, When she said, "I hope they didn't saw an accident". The proper sentence is I hope they didn't see an accident. Second, when she said, "I really hoped…". The proper sentence is I really hope. (Present Tense).

  • Its really great to know about order to improve the quality of spoken english we must keep learning proper use of collocation..thanks mam for such a great knowledge its really informative about the students..

  • in my mother tongue, we sometimes say "ما تعطيني وجه" which if i translate it literally it'll be "not giving me a face" lol. however, in arabic it's used to refer to someone who's not paying you the attention you want, and my english teacher used to say it a lot. in english. and it sounded funny to me lol

  • I have no word to express my feelings about your creative teaching method and wonderful lessons also this one . These are really helping me to improve.

  • I am making my breakfast everyday.
    I made my decision .
    I made a report to my boss.
    Stop making a noise please.

  • Speaking of collection, we Japanese say “strong rain” but you Americans say “heavy rain”, which was the most impressive for me. I wonder if that’s why westerners tended to think the heavier a thing is, the faster it drops.

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