December 4, 2020

The Right Way to Factory Reset a Samsung Phone | Note 8, S8, S8+

If you own a Samsung phone you will probably need to factory reset it at sometime of the life of the phone. This could be when you are selling the phone, trading it in to the carrier or you have having phone issues and Samsung support told you to factory reset the phone. This video will show you the right way to perform the factory reset.

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  • How to reset when my wifi is not working? Reason for me to factory reset it because of the wifi having issue it turns off automatically. Pls help t.y.

  • please help me, i reset my phone manually but this is on blue screen and with the name installing for hours

  • Hi,

    My friend i have an issue with my phone, i hope you can help me.
    I am waiting for your reply then i will tell you my problem.

    Thank you

  • I use a samsung s8plus and each time I try to reset it it show me unable to connect I don't know y

  • Hey there Brett ! I enjoyed your video. But could you help me get rid of my visual voicemail on my Samsung Galaxy S8 plus? I'm not sure that the "factory reset" will solve my problem. Thank You!

  • There is a weird blue highlight thing on my phone that highlights everything and makes weird sounds and makes noise when I scroll through videos and such how do I get rid of it?

  • For those wondering how to do a hard keys/buttons reset, he mentioned it at 1:38. Hold the volume down button and power button at same time for 50 seconds. That brings up green monochrome menu, #2 choice being factory reset. WARNING: the hard keys reset totally wipes out the phone. Puts it back to the day you first got the phone, so to speak. So make sure that's what you intend.

  • I needed to bypass Samsung or Android resetting procedure because I could get past the prompt that said "let's make sure it is you." What I wanted was the hard reset using the keys. Fortunately you mentioned it at 1:38. hold the volume down button and power button at same time for 50 seconds. That brought up the monochrome menu, #2 being factory reset. That worked. Thanks.

    (Backstory: I'm returning a phone to Assurant. I have insurance. Dropped the phone, cracked the display. Asuarant (sp?) did NOT repair the phone, they simply sent me a new Note 8. Paid the $99 deductible, bam new Note 8 arrived via FedEx. After backing up all my stuff needed to hard reset the old Note 8 before sending to the insurance Company. And that's the end of the story.)

    Bonus Tip: Make sure to send your old phone back to the insurance carrier. My new phone had an insert that said if I did not return the old damaged phone within 15 days it would charge my credit card $1500. Fook that. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Go Settings > Go General Management > Go Reset > Go Factory Reset > Click Reset Phone > PIN > Samsung Account > Select Delete > Shut Down…..

  • Hey Brett. I've tried to factory data reset my s10 plus but it doesn't let me… as in like there's no option. Any way you could help me out?
    I have never had a problem before with other devices…

  • what about if the phone you get still has the old users samsung account detail to which you dont have the password, is there a way around this to do a reset ?

  • So lets say you had another phone and all your information is there. Do you still need to back it up in the old phone and why?

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