August 30, 2020

The Public Vote – Who's Going Home? 😱 (Love Island: The Game Season 2 #54)

Here we are friends, the final part of day 18 – the public have been voting for their favourite couple and the time has come to find out who’s in danger of going home. No one is safe, and everything is to lose. Find out what happens in today’s episode of Love Island: The Game!

My channel covers gaming with a little bit of lifestyle thrown in. If you like games and dogs, this is the channel for you! If you have any suggestions for future videos, please leave them down in the comments below!

Thank you so much for clicking on this video, I hope you enjoy!

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Music used in the Love Island series:

Happy Life by FREDJI

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Journey by Declan DP Music
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AM by Ikson

Music by Ampyx

The Aviator by Ampyx

Dream by Ampyx

Pacific Paradise by Ampyx

Flex by Jeremy Blake (YouTube Audio Library)
Ladybug by Quincas Moreira (Youtube Audio Library)
Little Cookie II by William Rosati (Youtube Audio Library)
Love in LA by DJ Williams (YouTube Audio Library)
Magic Part 2 by Otis McDonald (YouTube Audio Library)
Move Out by MK2 (YouTube Auido Library)
Nimbus by Eveningland (YouTube Audio Library)
Tango de la Noche by Wayne Jones (YouTube Audio Library)
Tango Mango by Quincas Moreira (YouTube Audio Library)
Yellow Rose of Berkeley by Rondo Brothers (YouTube Audio Library)

Outro Music:
Live The Life (Original Mix) by Edwin Ajtún
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  • 😭😭😭 DAMN THE EMOTIONS RUN HIGH AF!! Honestly I'm glad with what The Singles chose. Still sad to see Priya goooo😭😭😭😭💔💔 MY HEART!!!!
    The sign of a great game is the emotional investment of the players.

  • I love how you play this game! Honestly, I feel so invested in this game. I wanted to ask…did you have an option to talk to Priya before she left? If so, what did she say?

  • I’m sure you’ll get your conversation with Bobby soon. Especially now that some people have gone they can focus more on everyone still left.

  • A peak behind the curtain; Simon is responsible for all the fancy editing 👍 Games are just like any other type of entertainment, they're supposed to make you feel emotion, so don't worry about that 🙂 A live stream on a weekend gets my vote. Looking forward to the next one ❤❤

  • Hi Ashleigh!! Enjoyed the video!! And btw I happen to like the dramatic "da da DAAAA" In the beginnings, LOL!! But anywho… You will have a chance to get back with Bobby in a few episodes… Just make it known to all that he is the one you want!! And I was emotional when Priya left too… She was my bbf in there… I really don't like the Hope character… I'm playing right now and doing everything to make her mad, LOL!! I think the day of the next recoupling would be good for the livestream, on day 22… Day 19 would be fun as well… Anywho, can't wait for the next episode!! 😊😊

  • Awww, don’t ever feel awkward for getting emotional while playing this game! The creators spent a lot of time and hard work to make the story as immersive as possible, you’re response was completely normal and very much like my own💯 I loved Priya and hated to see her go😩 Tbh, there were several points in this game where a decision had to be made, but I was so indecisive that it would take over 10 minutes just for me to make a final choice🤷‍♀️ Try not to stress about it too much and remember to have fun!💖

  • Awesome video there ashleigh as always and I only thought one couple was going at the start 😦. And about the live stream I'm more available to watch and help on Saturday or Sunday any time is fine with me. Can't wait for the next one and I hope you've had a lovely weekend 😊. X

  • Don’t wanna spoil it but bobby makes a court room 👩‍⚖️👨‍⚖️ and solves problems and then after a while 2 new girls come and something happens with Inrahim and a new girl

  • If you'd stayed single after casa amour you would've had to pick someone out of Henrik, Jakub or Elijah to save. Out of interest, who would you have saved?💕

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