August 29, 2020

THE PEACE & LOVE CHALLENGE (Great ending!) | 60 Seconds Game

60 Seconds challenge video! This is the Love challenge! A lot of ups & downs happened with this challenge, but in the end it all worked out….right? Leave more challenges in the comments below, thank you for watching!

60 Seconds game (Steam)

60 Seconds playlist:

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We’re here to have fun and not take ourselves too seriously, so any negative comments will be automatically deleted! Thanks for watching!


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  • “Yeah, at least we have Mary Jane, she kind of looks like a rat”
    Best. sentence. ever.

  • You read my mind I was about to say can you feel the love tonight but then you said it lol…


  • I don't have a name for the shower but you have to get pancake get all the food and water make sure the extras you have to get all the family members and you have to get mutant Mary Jane

  • Hey jay I have always been a huge fan of your videos it would be a miracle if you would pick my challenge for once please consider

    Bring Timmy (aka the mvp)
    Take to kubsckoot book mvp item
    Only mvp's kill with guns and an axe
    Take things to trade but only trade for cool things because you are an mpv
    Play on sarbama for the home dejayscre


  • Does anybody know that Tammy is looking at J. because I think He's like what is this do do do in my shelter!

  • Jay: For all the kids watching this your gonna learn something from your old pal Jay

    Me: Well kids are definently not going to learn to not cus

  • Jay: *starts singing*
    Me: I felt the love…now the love left me because I subscribed to ur channel…no offense but this is an earrape warning w/headphones…owww

  • May you please do a 2 parent only challenge please and I don't have twitter so sorry but you are my number 1 best youtuber and I am new.Your funny to😂😂😂

  • YES!!! My brother and I got the twin ending! We installed the game yesterday and funny story, on our 1st good play through, we got mutant Mary Jane! I told my brother all about you and how the game works. Both him and I can agree we will be playing it in our free time! We got rescued on our last play through of the day and on day 60. Hmmmm…..what a coincidence!!😂 so if your someone looking through the comments and you want the game, it’s 10$ on the netendo switch so if you have one and want it, it’s stressful, but SUPER fun!!

  • The selfishly independent challenge:
    -go to the shelter alone (or with people just so they could go on expositions, but don't take care of them)
    -must be at least day 8 before you prepare an exposition
    -wait at least 8 days in between expositions
    -don't get any pets
    -don't help anyone
    -if you're asked if you should steal say yes
    -ALWAYS do the most violent options
    -don't bring any entertainment
    -get saved after AT LEAST 55 days.

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