January 18, 2021

The GREATEST Clause In NBA History! Michael Jordan 'Love Of The Game'.

Here’s the story of the greatest clause in NBA history! A deserving contract for Michael Jordan!

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  • Great find& great info! never heard of this. Second thank you for not showing the Paul George injury. and third… GIVE IT UP MIKE.. cut from team in 9th grade, come on.

  • 2nd best player in NBA history (behind Bill Russell)

    Best Shooting Guard in NBA history

    Don’t @ me

  • Saying Jordan never played for the money is fucking hilarious. So the 30+ million he was being paid every year to play for the Bulls isn’t playing for the money? And this was towards the end of his career. Had more money than he knew what to do with. If he truly played simply for the love of the game, he would have done it for next to nothing. Actually should have done it for nothin in return. Would have donated his contract to charity. That’s truly love for the game. Jordan can’t say he played simply for the love of the game when his contract was eating up 40-60% of a whole team’s cap each year. It’s more like being selfish af. And before anyone says, “if you worked hard at your job, you’d like to be paid more too.” This is true. But I don’t go to work everyday simply for the love of work with the pay just bring a bonus. And neither does anyone else. If they claim they do, they are lying. If true, why don’t they just work for charities. I just never liked the way Jordan gets his “free pass” when it comes to anything that is either bad, uncommon, sketchy, etc…

  • Don’t buy anything from this dude. I ordered a sweatshirt over 3 months and I have not heard back from him…after emailing him 3 times

  • Jordan never speaks on police brutality, killing over his shoes, political things… Lebron James is the GOAT because he ain't no bitch!!!!

  • My Idea For The Next Video; What If The Seattle Supersonics NEVER Traded Scottie Pippen To The Chicago Bulls During The 1985 NBA Draft?

  • Thank you for not showing PG13's leg injury. Gives me chills still just thinking about what happened to him. Very happy that PG13 is doing well for himself after the injury and I wish the best for the OKC Thunders this season and hope they do well.

  • Did you really spend 7 mins to say jordon loves basketball and played whenever. You just kept repeating yourself over and over again.

  • Now……compared this to so called MJs Immitator KOBE BRYANT.

    KOBE skipped NCAA and went straight to NBA to become a bench warmer because be DID NOT want to pick up Injury in college year and collect easy rings riding SHAQ's peak prime years.

    KOBE's last 2 years literally destroyed LAL as a franchise as he collected $25 million and $30 million in salary despite knowing he is finished and washed up. as a result, LAL could not attract any good free agent let alone a proven All Star talent.

    And some idiots think MJ and Kobe had same "love for the game." LOL!

  • when he started showing the paul george clip I was like "nononononononono dont show it" then he cut at the last second

  • Every Nick Smith vid can be condensed into 2 1/2 minutes and relay the exact same message & content.

  • This Love Of The game clause is why he beat the MonStars and with bill Murray and the toon squad

  • Jesus christ, why do you say the same things over and over again? This is like 2 minutes of content that you turned into 7 minutes by repeating the same things over and over again in different ways.

  • Michael Jordan really played in a trash defensive era. People say it's all tough, when there was more fouls called back in the 80s and 90s. That era overrated, if he played today he would be a little better Demar Derozan. Dwyane Wade the GOAT SG… Well it's debatable between Klay and D Wade

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