January 17, 2021

The Game Of Love Vs. Manipulation

Why being successful in the game of love requires that you allow the other person to be who they are and come and go as they please without any unreasonable expectations, trying to change them, asking them to modify their behavior so you don’t feel insecure and learning to love and accept yourself as you are without trying to become something you are not.

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  • Whatever behaviors you learn yes it can work for near future but if you unconsciously act the opposite way. You'll still have hard times in the future anyway until you can pay attention to the root of your own problems.

  • it touched my heart when you said that everything happens for a reason and that he showed up just in time. I totally agree. Coach, you're the best. Thanks for all of your efforts !

  • Best impression i've ever seen 😂😂 love you mate, i've made short version of your book and now im writing my own book from your videos and become the 3% man for real not like those people who saying they read your book but asking for the same bullshit i think 90% of those people lying

    A few pages away from finishing my 3rd read, about to start my fourth in 2 months. He goes way more into depth compared to his videos, once you've read it a few times you will watch these videos and know when these guys are making bad moves before Coach Corey even says it. If you're low on cash like me, you can buy it on Google Play for $3 and some change. What I like about this is you can use the "read aloud" option which obviously reads it out loud to you. I only use that along with actually reading with my eyes, I have attention and drifting off issues when it comes to reading so it helps me to read along with the robot voice speaking out loud. It also helps me keep reading because when I get tired of reading I can let relax for a couple minutes and just listen then get back to reading along once I feel I'm not retaining as much info as I would like.

  • Sorry, can't tell a girl "he can keep you happy when you're not with me" of we're supposed to be "steady". That's basically encouraging cheating, not a good idea IMO but that girl sounded like a real weiner anyways :

    I'm also not into the whole "sex buddies" deal either. I know, not something you'll hear from a lot of guys. I'm sure some of the "alpha males" here will set me straight on my beta-ness :/

  • I found my girlfriend twice with another guy driving around and when she saw me they try to run she said he is her friend What should I have to do?

  • Thank you for addressing a man who is stalking a woman. So many men do it and they won’t admit their poor actions. I once had a man show up to a dinner I had with my mentor literally stalking me and I didn’t even know he was there until he told me once I got home. And thank you for this video, it’s good to hear others experiences.


  • What if that person has BPD (undiagnosed but she had many many symptoms that apply to her) and they are extremely gullible and go off track from school, diet, exercise etc. and waste time?
    You know, I got accused that I wasted her time by keeping her up when she went away for studies (and I was going to study there as well) and when I did reach there we agreed to stop talking and hanging out a lot to study for med school… But then she accused me of not calling her and thar I disnt love her enough….
    Flash forward two years and I got dumped because she thought I 'betrayed' her and hooked up with a guy she found on tinder three weeks ago and still spends the entire day out, smokes more, drugs and drinks more. So this isn't wasting of time?
    Is she just not worth thinking so much over?

  • This dudes (the first question) so insecure and whiny, his girl chose the other guy clearly because the new guy isn't acting like some beta male and actually a man. I understand the desperation makes you do and say ridiculous things, but as a man you must always maintain integrity and keep your emotions and actions level. Be stable, strong, don't act like a rollercoaster of emotions and move on if she doesn't want him. You're FINE with or without her – be indifferent. This is what Cory refers to as "acting weak", saying shit and acting like a little wimp who can't live without her.

  • If she uses drugs and you don't … you need to ask yourself is this the kind of woman you want to date?

  • I was with controlling, dominat,guy.. but he blame me, he back up when I was serious with him at the begging… I just don't care anymore… I have low self-esteem.. I just changed number.. after 9 months

  • fuck man I think I fucked up, my ex said she wanted to be friends and go on dates but instead I said I don't want a friend I have plenty of friends we either do a relationship or not at all. Before I took her on dates and she didn't like it when I kissed her or hugged. mind is fucking blown

  • it's cause she got online dating advice to show this guy she's attractive to other guys and it back fired getting blocked from her bf's devices and social media. I see a movie in the making…guys and girls online dating advice disasters

  • I wanna add to that, but that if you hang out with a guy and go on a date again, she might realize that you are still just not fun for her…. A date doesn't mean that your back together.

  • Wow, you are brilliant! Thank you so much! I hope I can get my boyfriend to watch this. We have so much fun when he's not telling me what I need to do. Sounds like that guy is playing games! If you want to be with a girl be with her, don't keep her at a distance.

  • thanks mate i learnt alot from you talks i relise how i have messed up and hopefully it isnt to late. she says she loves me but i guess i been the needy one and pushed her away.

  • Hey coach, what does it mean when a woman tells you that she just broke up with her boy friend of several years and you did not ask her if she was even dating any one. I was asking her about her smiling so much and what was making her
    so happy? She says " yea you would never believe that I just broke up with my boy
    friend of several years." I said no you hide it really well.

  • My ex that broke up with me about 2 months ago just text me yesterday out of the blue saying Hi martin, How are you doing? I was in no contact until she texted me yesterday, all I replied was I am doing great and you? but she hasn't replied after that… do you think she is just testing me to see if I am going to get all clingy or needy? or just maybe some guy who she is dating is probably starting to act up all clingy and stuff so now she is reaching out?

  • Hey Corey love the videos i'm in the proses of buying your book as it could prove useful. i'm in a great love relationship with my girlfriend i found on Plenty Of Fish yea it worked for me. really like the way your right to the point many should be like that. The 1st email was silly me and my girlfriend are close to each other because we respect our free will makes the relationship stronger anyway thought i'd share this with you keep up the good work Corey Stuart Thomas 

  • Coach Corey 's book is phenomenal!! Great knowledge that all of us men could apply to improve the quality of our lives.

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