August 30, 2020

The FINAL Recoupling – Who Will I Choose? 😨 (Love Island: The Game Season 2 #75)

This is it folks. The big one. The moment we’ve all been waiting for. Is it the final? No, of course it’s not the final, have you been paying attention? It’s the FINAL RECOUPLING!

Ashleigh has come so far on her journey; she started by coupling up with Gary, then was left single after Pryia stole him away from her. Then Sparks began to fly between Ashleigh and new Islander Lucas… but before anything could come of that, Lucas was dumped from the Island. It then became clear that Bobby was the one for her, and many a shower shenanigan took place. Sadly though it wasn’t long before this wonderful thing was taken away, as a shock recoupling left Ashleigh with Henrick and Bobby with Marisol – and before anyone could compute that, the girls were off to Casa Amor. Things were looking bleak, and Ashleigh struggled internally with staying loyal to Bobby, a boy she wasn’t even coupled up with, or being tempted by Casa boy Carl. In a stunning tactical move, hoping that Bobby would have coupled up and so not to leave him single again, Ashleigh decided to bring Carl back to the Villa. Bobby was still single, and waiting for her, and was heartbroken. It took a lot of work to repair the relationship, and Ashleigh and Bobby had to start from scratch – almost as though the shower shenanigans had never taken place. Once things were nicely back on track, a surprise date brought Lucas back into the fold and once again Ashleigh was conflicted. Does she stay with Husband material baker boy Bobby? Or the handsome, adventurous, slightly mysterious Lucas?

Well, it’s all come down to this. The Final Recoupling. Strap in, and let’s find out who is going to be picking who.

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Thank you so much for clicking on this video, I hope you enjoy!

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  • Love the video. I think you made the right choice with picking Bobby, you and him just seem to go together. I think you should do the wedding and then go back and play through with Lucas as ur main guy. But start from the start of it. And if you do that then you can easily just put up videos of that play through starting at whatever part you want to, or you dont have to put it up. Its up to you. But you would have to say on day 8 part 3 that you want Henrik to stay when asked by the other islanders so that they keep Lucas on and kick Henrik off. Keep up the great work. Your awesome. #question of the day? If you didnt pick Bobby, or Lucas or Gary who would the next person be??

  • I think you should definitely replay and try for Lucas! Like I said, I’ll spare you my personal thoughts about taking that route but I’d be sooo excited to see how you go💯 Just remember that if you start from that point on but decide to focus on Lucas, the game is still going to recognize that you were with Bobby and it will probably be a bit painful to properly end things with him. When I did my replays I started from the beginning (obviously I realize we can’t do that here) and I immediately had to “friend-zone” Bobby so he wouldn’t be affected by my choices. I’m really curious to see what happens if we start going for Lucas the moment he returns to the villa, especially considering the circumstances!🤔

  • I enjoyed this video! I’m excited to see the wedding episodes, especially because I’ve never played them with Bobby. If you decide to go back and replay I will definitely watch.
    Did you see that love island is giving away free gems on Easter Sunday if you login?

  • I’m glad you chose Bobby! You can always try Lucas the next time but in this play through Bobby seemed like the best choice for Ashleigh 💛♥️🌸

  • Actually, if you replay for Lucas from this point onwards you would be a bit disappointed to see that the plot are the same… they do have their own dialogues etc and you need one additional dialogue to sort things out with Bobby but … the main plot is exactly identical no matter you stick with your original partner or switch to returning Lucas/Henrik (maybe different if you randomly choose someone you’ve never been with, I’m not sure 🤔). I genuinely hope next season they could make things less generic towards the final.

  • Awesome video there ashleigh and yay now ya with bobby till the end it would have been funny if you pressed Gary lol. Not long till the end now can't wait to see how it ends 😆. Keep up the awesome work and I hope you have a lovely weekend and you have a lovely easter Sunday tomorrow 😊. X

  • Hope goes first every recoupling lol but I’m glad you’ve chosen Bobby considering you clearly want him more. The next episodes are a breeze there’s barely any drama and it’s all wholesomeness

  • Yayy! I say do the wedding with Bobby then come back and finish it with Lucas then do wedding with him😂❤️

  • It would be amazing if you go back and play for Lucas because i haven’t seen any playthrough with him! Love your series, you make this game 100 times more enjoyable to watch!

  • I'm so happy for you. You got with Bobby you two are now together forever, wooo! I honestly can't wait as the last few days are the best. You have the beautiful Bobby by your side and all the next challenges are so so much fun. Congrats., Love this stuff so much I would drop everything to watch these 😘💖💐Forgot this but, Totally Go back and try with Lucas so that you can see what would have happened. The wedding is amazing just be prepared to use gems if you want it to be special.

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