December 4, 2020

The Dojo: Quest for Platinum #5 – Meaty Attacks!

After making Strippin aware of some of Kolin’s meaty setups, Brett and Santell test his progress with some local matches!!

You can watch Strippin live on his Twitch channel right here! –

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We want to give a massive shout out and a great big “thank you” to the legendary combo video master and music producer, Desk, for creating the theme music for the Quest for Platinum!

If you want to hear more of his fantastic tunes, and trust us, you really do, then you can find it all on his bandcamp page! –

The fantastic, and cute as heck, thumbnail art for this series was created by the talented, and cute as heck, JetpackBraggin!
You can follow him on Twitter right here! –


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And as always, thanks for watching, guys!


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  • Brett's all quiet and then Strippin crushes one round and suddenly Brett's a totally different guy, goes loud and crushes him XD

  • So proud of my boy Santell for winning a match! Same for Strippin for goin' up against Sensei Bayonne and taking away a victory.

  • I hope next vid is about dealing with folks with literal walls of unpunishable pressure. Been getting steam rolled by every balrog I run into. Could use some helpful tips.

  • I fucking love this series bros! Sam gets better every single episode. Brett you're a fucking Oracle dude. Santell, I love it when you sing but dude that was Story of The Year not Hawthorne Heights.

  • It's odd that they would be having so much trouble finding a match. Maybe once they rank higher, they'll find more opponents.

  • really cool to see this guys this is probably one of the hardest things to get down but not only did you explain it well but Sam picked it up surprisingly well not perfectly but well

  • Speaking of meaty setups, DS9 and TNG are my favorite Star Trek series. ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧

    PS > "Keep calm and mash the dash." Words to live by. XDDDD

  • Strippin's been streaming Persona 5?! I've been checking Dodger's stream to see if she'd stream it, but not his… damn.

  • I'm an Alex main and everyone says he has no meaties. So when I knock someone down, depending on who they are I'll either dash in and go for some Cr.Lks if they like to block high/wake-up grab or if they wake-up crouch block than I'll dash in crouched and then St Hp for the overhead / forward Mp for the overhead. Another thing I'll do if they wake-up crouch block is I'll position myself at the proper distance and crouch so they'll think I'm going to hit low, then I do the charged jump in with legs so I stomp them into the ground.

    However, if they're someone with command grabs like Gief or there's a bit of lag and they'd be able to grab me through my LKs on their wake-up, I'll stand a bit back and throw out a St.Hk. If it crush counters then I go in with the CC combo and they're either dead after or they put the controller down.

    I almost never dash up power bomb on their wake-up though. I'm almost always jabbed out of it/grabbed through it. It's pretty high risk low damage and low reward in my opinion and the EX has no armor so even then it'd be a waste of a bar.

    If there are any Alex mains out there who have other things they do I'd love to hear what you have to say. Not many Alex mains out there.

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