November 20, 2020

The Dojo: Quest for Platinum #24 – Final Evaluation!

The Quest for Platinum is nearing its end, so Brett and Santell are challenging Strippin one last time to see just how far his game has come!

You can watch Strippin live on his Twitch channel right here! –

And if you need even more Strippin, follow him on Twitter too! –

We want to give a massive shout out and a great big “thank you” to the legendary combo video master and music producer, Desk, for creating the theme music for the Quest for Platinum!

If you want to hear more of his fantastic tunes, and trust us, you really do, then you can find it all on his bandcamp page! –

The fantastic, and cute as heck, thumbnail art for this series was created by the talented, and cute as heck, JetpackBraggin!
You can follow him on Twitter right here! –


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Also, if you like watching streams, you can subscribe to Brett’s personal twitch channel! –

And hey! If you’ve got some old fighting games lying around that aren’t getting any love, then we’d love to take ’em off your hands, man! If you’d like to donate games to us so we can play them on our shows, then please feel free to send them to our P.O. Box.

PO BOX 2909 Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA 90274

If you’d like to check which games we already have before you actually send some to us, then check out this handy list! –

And as always, thanks for watching, guys!


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  • you know what i would like to see?
    taking a pad warrior and teaching him the ways of the arcade stick.
    like kind of making a small dojo series out of it.
    lord knows i need it atleast 🙂

  • man this is telling Sam's improvement is really on display here instead of bad decisions with occasional good moves most of his decisions were great with a few missed inputs and dropped combos here and there you are well on your way to platinum good sir

  • Aw man, that's the end, then, huh? TRAIN ME NEXT! TRAIN ME NEXT! …Is what I wish I could say, but so many things prevent me. 🙁 You guys' channel is like… I subbed for Dojo season 1 with Jirard, and I occasionally watch videos that feature games I'm somewhat interested in, but The Dojo is what keeps me coming back. That said, here's hoping for a season 3 sometime soon! (Maybe Brett could just straight-up train Santell, since he's clearly not the VERY GREATEST at SFV. And he'd always be around to record with. Maybe that wouldn't work so well, but it's a start, haha)

  • Dear Michael Santel and Bret Bayone. Can you play a unique 2 button 2d fighter that is geared towards people trying to get into the fgc called Pocket Rumble. (Similar to fantasy strike). This game is inspired by portable 2d fighting games. It is early access on steam and has only 8 characters but they feel very different from each other the only thing I can say that is not really negative is that not a lot of people play it and the online is good but good luck finding people. I commented on the last video an hour ago but I hope you see my comment this time. It is $9.99 on steam and is totally worth it. Thank you for reading and I hope you can at least play it.
    Your best fan, SugarCane85

  • Strippin is killing it. He's grown so much since the start of his time in the dojo. Lasting quite a while in the ring with Brett the King of Fundamentals (KOF).

  • Jeeze. How tightly does Strippin grip the controller? lol. I can't say I've ever had that happen to me no matter how tight I've squeezed the DS4. And I've played Bloodborne.

  • That reminds me wasn't there suppose to be a live stream of this? I think it was cancelled last week and moved to yesterday?
    But I don't see it anywhere.

    edit: oh it is on strippins channel, not story tellers.

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