September 1, 2020

The Dojo: Quest for Platinum #18 – The Shimmy!

Brett and Santell introduce Strippin to an advanced technique to open up his foes’ defenses!

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We want to give a massive shout out and a great big “thank you” to the legendary combo video master and music producer, Desk, for creating the theme music for the Quest for Platinum!

If you want to hear more of his fantastic tunes, and trust us, you really do, then you can find it all on his bandcamp page! –

The fantastic, and cute as heck, thumbnail art for this series was created by the talented, and cute as heck, JetpackBraggin!
You can follow him on Twitter right here! –


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And as always, thanks for watching, guys!


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  • I know it's technically a 'bad habit,' but every time Strippin lands one of those counters, I can't hold back my "OOOH"s

    Also, that Vega at the end was tryin' to be stylish! He wanted the Inazuna Drop SO BAD!!!

  • I play SFV almost everyday and am also stuck between ultra bronze and silver. One of the big problems i have is ranked is not mandatory 2 out of 3 so everyone i play with less skill than me just runs after one match or they rage quit, and of course i always run it bak against stronger opponents because im trying to improve. I just feel like i have to work twice as hard to earn half the points because ragequit, winquit, loosequit. Ranked NEEDS to be best of three with a first round quit option for super laggy matches.

  • This is pretty good. I think the Couch Fighters Duo should try out as the coaches of the any Fighting games tournament

  • My favourite thing about some of these episodes is when Sam pulls something off and Brett is just "God damn" 😂

  • As a vega main, it pleases me to see a match against one on top of these lessons. It's feels like a little bonus pack of info😗

  • my favorite thing about the dojo is seeing the fighter strippen can become if he puts in the time.
    you can see the progress. and you can see him learn from mistakes.
    as well as start to recover more and pull off more impressive stuff

  • I like to do wake up throws in tekken but then change it up once they get used to it not sure if that counts as a shimmy but it's the only thing I could think of also you guys mentioned it at the beginning of the episode all dogs go to heaven I used to watch the heck out of that and since I come from a spanish speaking family I had a spanish version of it just as good as in english which is not always the case also also I find it funny that Brett comes down on Santell for We're Back when he mentioned Troll in Central Park at the beginning and how much he loves it when they are both pretty bad just saying…

  • Favorite non-Disney/non-Pixar film animated film of my youth? An American Tale. Followed closely by The Land Before Time.

  • Huh, I was wondering for a while now why Strip has been getting 1 on 1 lessons from the god himself but is still unable to break into super silver at the very least. I bailed from this series for a while because he wasn't making any progress and came back to it today to see him hopefully at gold at least but he's still in silver. The rank he got by like episode 2.

    I know he streams, has a life and got married recently but c'mon man. It only took me the first 3 episodes to go from never played a fighting game before, knowing literally nothing about them to getting to gold and now I'm sitting at ultra gold – plat. It took me like 2.5 months to achieve 0 lp all the way to plat and I work 45-55 hours a week so I don't have the most free time either but it was the only game I was playing.

    Maybe Strip should play a character that fits his style more? Kolin is pretty ass and doesn't seem to be someone who he can body people with. Brett is good at Urien and Alex, why not teach him the Brooklyn Boy? The videos would get more views because everyone loves Alex and he isn't too complicated mechanically so he can actually utilize more of the mind game tech in the game. Also I'm positive that after he EX Power Bombs one person for the KO to win the set he'll be hooked.

  • Is changing character mains an option? I keep feeling he'd be doing better if he chose someone as a backup.

  • From:

    "For those of you that are wondering where the term "shimmy" came from,
    it actually came from "gootecks shimmy". The actual Gootecks shimmy name
    was taken from a video of him dancing to some techno song but the
    technique itself was made known by Gootecks in vanilla SF4 when he won
    the first East vs. West SF4 tournament called Sinsation back in February
    2009. Here's the video when Gootecks first used it Over time, people just associated the technique with Gootecks so they
    called it the "Gootecks shimmy" and now it's just "the shimmy"."

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