July 28, 2021

The Dojo: Quest for Platinum #1 – Character Selection!

The Quest for Platinum begins here!

Brett and Santell are kicking off a brand new season of the Dojo, and this time, they’re gonna’ help their friend Sam Strippin achieve his goal of reaching Platinum rank in Street Fighter V!

The first lesson, is learning how to pick the character that’s right for you based on several important factors. It’s gonna’ be a long and difficult journey to Platinum, and the training starts right now!!

You can Strippin live on his Twitch channel right here! –

And if you need some even more Strippin, follow him on Twitter too! –

We want to give a massive shout out and a great big “thank you” to the legendary combo video master and music producer, Desk, for creating the theme music for the Quest for Platinum!

If you want to hear more of his fantastic tunes, and trust us, you really do, then you can find it all on his bandcamp page! –

The fantastic, and cute as heck, thumbnail art for this series was created by the talented, and cute as heck, JetpackBraggin!
You can follow him on Twitter right here! –


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If you’d like to check which games we already have before you actually send some to us, then check out this handy list! –

And as always, thanks for watching, guys!

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  • long time fan of you guys and I've been re-watching tons of this channel since it shut its door. I rarely comment of videos but I also wanna throw in my current Smash Ultimate main out there.
    Aesthetic: She is just super cool looking. Her agility, her style, all cool stuff to me
    Mechanics: I never played Marth much so liking his mechanics weren't a factor in my choice as much as it is I just like the sword fighters more, generally
    Popularity: I am generally an underdog guy myself, but I don't really involve myself with the larger smash community or even ever look at tier lists, so this point is pretty mute for me
    Loyalty: She was my main in WiiU/3DS for all those same reasons so I am pretty loyal to her, but also I just absolutely love FE Awakening and when i heard she was announced, I swore I would play the hell out of her

  • q2: Skullgirls I def picked up ms fortune due to the aesthetic/personality. In Tekken i play Kuma part popularity part loyalty . I'm also an underdog guy. SFV Birdie due to being unpopular and enjoyed gameplay after trying. SFIV wanted to learn Juri but I sucked ass + tried learning Hakan cause he's a weird dude.

    I'm so bad in picking mains q.q I know I like the bit weirder characters but don't quite know what style of gameplay I enjoy.

  • Training: I'll go with Guilty Gear Rev 2, since it's recent. I picked Baiken for a few reasons. First being she was absent from the first two reboots of the series. Second, I love her design and think they definitely improved on her classic look. And lastly, I mained Sol and Baiken, while not a complete departure from my playstyle, gives me a type of variety I have fun with, especially with her tatami mat attack.

  • The first minute sold me on this series

    QOTD#2 So I usually play with the Shados, I think is how its spelled, you know Ryu, Ken and Akuma based on mechanics and I guess loyalty. Other characters I like based on looks are Vega and Necalli but I would personally not play Vega cause I'm not a charge guy

  • My mains in each game are:
    MK – Scorpion
    SF – Cody
    KOF – K
    MVC – Dante
    Thanks for bringing up the criteria, so I could understand my favorites more! Keep it up on the good videos guys!

  • I would have picked Ibuki. She's a ninja wearing trainers! Aesthetically she's very cool. I just watched an amazing Ibuki player, and she can be devastating if the proper time is given to learning her tactics.

  • Answer #1: Ibuki, all the way

    Answer #2: Don't play many fighting games, but my characters are in Soul Calibur V Raphael because i love the design of the fencing dude and his simple straightforward playstyle without many huge combos, and mostly having mix-ups. In SF4 tho I tried Dudley at first because he's a boxer and he's not charge, i liked the idea of the in your face style, but i was struggling with match-ups so i gravitated to akuma's air fireballs and Roundhouse.

  • GO ALEX! I know you took him out of the race, but I thinks it's the perfect choice for you! This way you'd get the character you visually like, which playstyle you prefer, granted he has charge moves, BUT he also has other moves, so this would be the perfect 1 character choice for you to pick up both advantages of both playstyles. After that every character becomes a viable option (because you have to have secondary characters) and you have a bit of everything without it being too daunting and a turn off

  • Ibuki. I play Zangief since II. I'm not good because he was a wrestler and i am big into wrestling and he was just a big burly strongman. He also had a spinning lariat which i could chain together on wake up and as a kid i would win so many matches using that.

  • #1 Personally i tried Ibuki before & was terrible, so i'd vote for her for my own selfish watching reason

    #2 all about aesthetics , akuma & goken the last time i played SF

  • Do ya'll watch the Pros? Frickin Juri is played by Infiltration right now. And He's whooping that ass. Also Xain whooping everybody with Ibuki now switching from Fang. Idk.. maybe I don't know what I'm talking about but this is the more recent shit I've seen.

  • If you REALLY want to grow as a fighter then the correct answer is to choose a charge character.  Go for Alex and learn the new mechanic.  You already like the character.

  • I agree with the aesthetic part. Hence why I took up necrid in sc2. Also why I would want to play hakan in sf4, but I couldn't do his motions lol

  • In sm4sh i play zero suit samus. aesthetically i love her, shes super hot. Mechanically shes a mobile glass cannon and can kill super early, shes pretty difficult tho. Shes kinda in the middle of popularity but i dont like the most popular characters generally but i also dont like bad or unpopular characters. Loyalty wise i liked her in brawl, but in sm4sh she got way better and i was inspired by a streamer who plays her and now im very loyal to her even after she was nerfed at one point. Shes the perfect character for me in every way.

  • I'm going to vote Ibuki as well, as she and Juri are my favorite characters. I also do agree with Santell in that; it's good to get out of your comfort zone once in a while.

    #2 – My main is Juri (and sub is Laura) because when I first saw her in SFIV I knew she would be really fun to play. I'm also a sucker for zany girl characters that exude a bit of 'sexy'. Though Ibuki doesn't really do that and I like her too.

  • Q1: Definetly Ibuki (or Juri if she was an option).
    Q2: So…

    – Karen for this (would play Juri but too bad with her),
    – Millia, Ramlethal, Elphet, Slayer in GG

    I have a thing for "kinda-antagonistic-in-their-own-way but not the main villain of the story" characters (especially if they're not of the obvious clearly "evil" aligned variety). Incidentally I kind of hate the "pure-in-your-face" evil characters generally, so things like Zato from GG, Vega, Bison, etc. As for loyalty, probably May from GG, played her back in the day because the application of "fight like a little girl" to her just never gets old, it's hard to tell if loyalty or that just still hasn't gotten old yet, it's likely both.

    On the category of "would never play due to aesthetics" for GG probably just Ky (man with skirt style not my thing), for SF5 Dhalsim, Vega (again), Fang, Guille, mainly for being just extremely old stereotypes/memes at this point.

  • choose Ibuki and give yourself a fresh face to play even with the challenge. you'll feel more rewarded when u kill it with her

  • I always chose Ken. I know people will say cheap, but I rarely used the Hadouken and got really good with the basic move mechanics of him. I've never played SFV. the last I played was SSFIV

  • Q1: Ibuki. underdog/gotta learn
    Q2: I love Bowser in Smash. Aesthetics, moveset, popularity, all of it. He's not super popular, I love his personality and I'm a fan of big guys. All hail the Koopa King

  • T1: Stippin should play Juri, coin lands on the edge.
    T2: In USFIV, I play Cody because he's cool all around.

  • I'm with Brett on how Sam's familiarity will get him far to platinum and I don't play much Street fighter but I'm in the middle of Marvel vs Capcom and mine has to be Zero because I knew the most about it going in

  • QOTD#1. I would have said Juri if she was on the ballot because I'd love to see that character explored more, but since she's not I say Ibuki.

    QOTD#2. My main in SFV is Nash. He looked awesome aesthetically, he used command motion and not charge moves, the game was completely new at the time so I was learning with everyone else, and I still play him to this day even though everyone is telling me to pick a better character.

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