January 18, 2021

Stormvault Review with Sam Healey

Sam takes a look at this new cooperative game from Games Workshop!!

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  • Can you SHARE the quest tokens? You didnt mention HOW COOP works. If 1 player gets 6 quest tokens, another gets 1, isnt that moot since it is COOP? If this isnt correct then please explain how coop works!

  • Hello and thank you for this review. Since you seem to be very knowledgeable on board games so perhaps you could recommend a board game for my friends and I?

    Players: 2 – 6
    Genre: Fantasy or Post apocalyptic.
    Cooperative with at least some elements of combat strategy.
    Some level of character development that persists. (if this even exists in board games)
    Complexity: Medium. (I am a gamer so in-depth game play is my bread and butter but my friends are not so something not too insanely complicated)

    I thank you in advance.

  • Its COOP! If one player rolls 1, other gets 6, the need to COOP is even greater. Regarding difficulty… its for ages 8+ dude!

  • I like the fact this is simple and easy to learn BUT I looked at the manual and it looks daunting. If this is THAT simple, why is the manual so full of text and the cards… LOTS of text. Are they ALL CLEARLY written? I may get this. I'd solo this.

  • I said this during the unboxing, but 2 or 3 of the minis are the same as the from Nightvault's core box, they just have a different color scheme.

  • Sam: Thanks for the review. I think the essential thought here is that "gamers" would find this offering a bit too basic. When you mentioned that there would be some gluing and construction… I was out. Recently, I recieved my John Carter of Mars mini's and there was gluing and construction there too…. I'm not patient enough for that. Keep up the good work… I love the passion you have for your gaming.

  • Not sure it would work well for people coming from models based wargaming. They are used to a complex ruleset and the simplicity here seems like it would be a negative for those folks.

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