January 17, 2021

Shirley Bassey – That's Right (Love is No Game) – 1984 Musical Video

1984 – Shirley Bassey recorded and released this song, That’s Right, Love Is No Game, as a single in 1984. Here is the Musical Video she made for this song. The Belgium producer Eddy Luycks also produced her former single ‘Thought I’d ring you’ with Alain Delon.
The single was released both on vinyl (1984) and CD (1988). It’s a great Adult Contemporary song! On a side note, Shirley Bassey always prefers to perform live, and admits she is hopeless when it comes to miming to a recording. Although she put in the ole college try, one can tell she miming to the recording. In her behalf, this particular song is extremely difficult with a lot of speed increases and decreases in the lyrics.

That’s Right!
You’ve never really been on my side
Though I suppose you never know
Oh, how it feels to be alone

That’s Right
I had no choice
Put up my own fight
And even when you said you knew
Still there was nothing you could do

That’s Right
Could it have crossed your mind that I might
Not play this pointless masquerade
You turned into your own charade

You tried
A Dangerous game to play, and I died
And yet we started off as friends
Could we have known how it would end

Love is no game
It was a dream that slipped away
And far too late you realized
You were the sadness in my eyes

Love is no game
That dream you gave so easily
But you were never there to see
The hurt I felt inside of me

My eyes are open I can see
A world is waiting there for me
To weave its web of fantasy

That’s Right
You told me more than once that, “that’s life”
You turned the knife deep in my heart
I saw my life breaking apart

Don’t cry
You know I’ve come to tell you, “goodbye”
You never really ever cared
And still it hurts when you’re not there

Love is no game
It was a dream that slipped away
And far too late you realized
You were the sadness in my eyes

Love is no game
That dream you gave so easily
But you were never there to see
The hurt I felt inside of me

Love is no game
It’s far too late to realize

Love is no game
And when I’ll find out once again
This love will never be the same

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