September 1, 2020

SCP – Containment Breach – I LOVE THIS GAME! SO MUCH FUN!

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Outro Song: Mange Makers – Mange Bjuder


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  • Apparently if you leave it on the menu screen long enough there's a screamer.
    I will now try this… if I don't make it back… update my facebook status…

  • Okay, I researched a bit more into the subject for you. 173's origins spawned from 4chan's /x/ boards. Coincidentally, the start of 'modern' Creepypasta happened around the same time. People then started to post their own SCP inspired creatures and re-posting 173. Many of these now make up the original series. 173 was the first 'SCP', and the SCP foundation wiki was developed in 2008. 173 and modern Creepypasta where created roughly around the same time, but where not based on each other.

  • I'm presuming what you meant by 'it' you mean Containment Breach? Containment breach was not influenced by Slender Man or the Slender game. And if I miss understood you, and you where somehow actually implying that Slender Man was based on 173? Well, that would also be incorrect. I don't mean to come across as negative. 🙂

  • Okay, I'm quite an avid fan for Creepypasta and The SCP Foundation. If I understood you correctly, you assume that SCP-173 is based around Slenderman? Well, from what I have researched (correct me if i'm wrong), 173 was uploaded on July 2008. Slenderman was being developed in June 2009. Another thing, Slenderman and 173 are quite different, so I don't think they where influenced by each other. If you think that containment breach was made after 'Slender', you may want to research into that.

  • Some people think that closing the door will slow the monster down… Atleast that's what I was thinking before they made SCP 173 open doors before the new update…

  • Beercake is always enjoyable to watch… but why does every gamer I have ever seen play this assume that closing a door will help you any against a person who chases (and apparently sees) you through walls?

  • iv never disliked befor but this idk it makes me want to, the worst one yet….. whatever ill just not rate i did not like this one, sorry? you can do better beercake! -_0

  • Funny, but I can't see a thing. Can someone explain what the creatures are and what this game is about?

  • Don't blink. Blink and you're dead. They are fast. Faster than you can believe. Don't turn your back. Don't look away. And don't blink. Good Luck.

  • I am laughing my ass off at his reactions but the sad part is….. This is exactly what I am like while playing this game ._.

  • Me a few days ago before watching you play this game. "PHSSSH nothing can be scarier than amnesia. HOLY CRAPPPPP!!!"

  • come on beercake this game's still in alpha state. Give them a few time, so they can get rid of bugs like when scp-173 randomly teleport to your location and snap your neck.

  • 6:16
    honestly Beercake…i dont want you to continue now…that nearly made me piss myself just watching…and i have a feeling playing that game can make you insane O_O

  • see the last part got you because you werent looking while closing the door you must look at it at all times if you look away for a second they will move and they move REALY fast.

  • What could a level 4 security clearance SCP be like if the weeping angel and the ethereal old man are only level 1?

  • From the blog I got that the maker's apparently testing how to add 914 to the game. This could be interesting.
    For the uninitiated, 914 is an amplifier machine with several settings: Rough, Coarse, 1:1, Fine and Very Fine.
    Let's use an example: If we added a pencil we get:
    Rough: A heap of graphite and burnt wood.
    Coarse: Cubes of wood and graphite.
    1:1 : A pen
    Fine: Pencil that is always sharp and always writes in Vivaldi font.
    Very Fine: A circlet that lets you write telepathically.

  • More or less.
    Although if you look at 096's face, it'll cry for a few minutes before going to murder you, so at least you have some time to kiss your ass goodbye.

  • Don't look away. Don't turn your back. Don't blink. If you are not looking at it for one half of a second, it can move. And it moves FAST. AS. FUCK.

  • Good god, they should totally make an actual survival horror game based off the SCP's…
    It' could be scary as hell. Of course, they could just make up a special face for SCP-096, i don't care if these things are supposedly real or not, but either way i wouldn't want to risk anything with these damn things cuz they scare the shit out of me!

  • Alright, let's clear up something for those who aren't familiar.
    SCP-096 is a tall humanoid who is docile until something looks at its face or a picture of its face.
    When that happens, it will kill you. It doesn't matter if you blow it up, it doesn't matter if you're in a submarine in another continent, it will run there at four digit speed, it will plow through everything between you and him, it will ignore anything thrown at him, it will reach you, and it will kill you.

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