September 1, 2020

RPG OSR Review: Astonishing Swordsmen and Sorcerers of Hyperborea

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  • i am looking for a needle in a haystack. i am looking for an older module of a rpg . I do not know the title, or system .It originally appeared in either a comic or magazine. It is for 0 or 1st level players easily adoptable to d and d. it was a single level cavern that had been a home to some high level adventures whom have been missing for a long time. Not much in the way of encounters.It had a room that contained several pools one of which was filled with healing potion. you had to figure out the pools magical defenses to get the treasure in the other pools, Recently i found a group playing it on you tube but i cannot seem to locate it now. can anyone help me locate it

  • Just a thought would you be willing to cover The One Ring RPG or Adventures in Middle Earth? That or any tolkien based RPGs. Always was intrigued on running one bit never got around to it though I feel with events and friends moving away my gaming days are coming to a slow crawl now.

  • The combat rules make me want to ditch 5E combat and use these. As it is, I have a list-maker player to mark party initiative; I loosely determine initiative for my various monsters and she helps me keep track but 5e still requires some quick thinking to prevent successful combat from turning into a tiresome slog of beating somebody to death.

  • For my money, AS&SH and DCC RPG are the one-two knockouts in today's FRP game market. Folks, it just doesn't get any better than this. 😘

  • Been playing in a weekly campaign of this since March through Roll20 and it's been great! A little different but as you noted that is part of the charm. If you know 2E D&D it's super quick to pick up too.

  • And once again, your review convinced me to buy the pdf! The physical book might require an extraordinary strength check to read in bed. And aldo got around to buying more Conan books.

  • I wonder how it compares to other Conan themed games.
    Pre-medieval settings like the interglacial Hyperborea or bronze age Glorantha are amazing settings.

  • Those Saving Throw names are actually really cool. I think I may run this game for a solo campaign with the Mythic GM Emulator.

  • I have watched two other reviews. Yours was the only one that went into the setting. Very informative review. Thanks!

  • Great review. I’ve heard good things about this setting. I was disappointed to hear it is not available in print. I don’t like reading PDFs.

  • You should review Barbarians of Lemuria. It's a great little swords and sorcery fantasy that's rules light and has some clever rules.

  • This game is my to go Pulp Fantasy rpg. People that complain it being too much ad&d forget that the venerable system was more close to pulps than tolkien

  • I was lucky enough to find a kickstarter signed and numbered edition of this at a used book store for less than $30. I nearly went doody in my pants. Great video!

  • I love this game and am happy to see it hit your channel and do so well. I rank it among my favorite game books alongside such luminaries as the 1st Ed DMG and the DCC Core rules.

  • Even though this game stands alone as amazing, it very useful as well for filling gaps in B/X rules, when added complexity or nuance are desired. With this and one of Kevin Crawford's excellent games I can find a useful rule for any lacking circumstance.

  • Thanks for this, I have JUST started looking into it when your review drops. Fortunate timing to say the least. Now I want a hard-copy and of course all sold out. Le sigh… Any idea what the new Kickstarter will be about? Also, between this guy and Necrotic Gnome, what is it with UK publishers and their aversion to POD? Why do their games have to go "out-of-print"? I'll never get that one. Anyways, have you managed to do any long run play on this one? How does it scale as the levels go up is what I am wondering. Also is there a campaign to be had or is it just a series on unconnected modules like, well like Conan I suppose lol Anyways, A+ on this one sir 🙂

  • I really like ASaSoH. The class system is very similar to one I had come up with in my homebrews. It's very intuititve.

    I don't actually like the world though (!!) – for me it's better to just set it on Earth and not the 'other world' that they give.

    Great book though

  • Hey Capt., because of the thumbnail, i thought you where going to cover the old school comics by Robert E. Howard. Never heard of the game before. But definitely would give it a try with friends. Do you remember in the early or mid 80's. A Conan AD&D type game came out. I think it was its own world like mystara or forgotten reamls. It was its own game but based on ad&d rules (mostly).

    Thanks Capt. & have a great day.

  • GOOD GREIF!!! 600 pages? I can't even justify the attached setting for that number. Tbh this seems absurdly excessive for anything truly necessary. Seems like a game ppl will own for the novelty and never play.

    Great job on the overview, tho, Cap. I'll stick with Basic Fantasy lol

  • The lack of an index in a volume of this size, regardless of content, is unforgivable. Lower that rating.
    The average GM has stuff to do, a family, a job, etc. Speeding up what little time we have is essential.
    The lack of an index is a writing and editing failure in a setting of this size.

  • Love this game; we just mash it up with Labyrinth Lord & Swords & Wizardry. The new spellcasters and spells, along with stats for all those Lovecraftian monsters, are real highlights. The treasure & magic items lists are the best I've seen in any OSR game by far. In fact I'm currently using this as the base system for converting Modiphius Conan since their 2d20 system is a convoluted mess.

  • You are the best of all the gentlemen that have d&d programs I love old school the most it is easyer to play than the newer editions and more fun.

  • What's the big difference in play or dm'ing rules light rpg,s like "advanced fighting fantasy" vs more detailed ones like dnd?

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