June 16, 2021

Remove Spaces from String | Logical Programming in C | by Mr.Srinivas

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  • # include <stdio.h>
    # include <string.h>int main()
     char name[] = "ra nj   it"; for(int i = 0; i < strlen(name); i++)
      if(name[i] == ' ')
     return 0;
    }sir I think that this will work for more the one spaces

  • Sir you already said in strings handling videos part 2 ..that strlen function gives the length of the string " Excluding null character" But in this you explained that alternatively…which one is correct sir…🤔🤔

  • write a function to remove slash from two string and call that function from strcmp function and compare it in c programming??

  • hi, Can you make a video which identifies the spaces given by mistake at the beginning as well as at the end of the sentence and replace those spaces with special character like @,$, or & so that we can visualize it and rectify? It is very useful in online form filling assignment. Forms with space are treated as wrong and few wrong forms will block the assignment. so i am very much obliged if you can make a video on this. thanks

  • Two spaces can exist adjacently, to overcome this problem we must put i–; in the if statement's body.

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