August 29, 2020

RECEIVED PRONUNCIATION – the posh British English accent

What is received pronunciation? Should you learn received pronunciation? Does anybody speak with the RP British accent? This video will answer all of your posh English accent questions!
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Lucy xoxo

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I grew up in Bedfordshire, a county near London!
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  • The ironic part is, if you are upper class as Lucy is trying to sound, you don't use the word 'posh'. 2:45 In addition, broadcasters were taught to over-announciate since their speech sounded flat through the radio.

  • Please give me some tips to improve my English speaking with Queen's Received pronouncation accent.

  • Came here because of your video apology. Your accent and voice are like music. And BTW I'm gay so not hitting on you or anything. But it really is. Absolutely wonderful and a delight to listen to.

  • One's accent and quality of English is dependent on where, and with whom one lived during the formative and teenage years. Unfortunately outside the home, the rot begins to set-in for spoken English.

  • The modern "RP" example is littered with glottal stops. Henry Higgins would be appalled.
    And those dictionaries with RP pronunciation keys can almost always be used to predict the "generic American" as well, except in a few cases like the "rather/bother split" where the two sounds are the same in RP and different in "generic American".

  • I go on second life a lot, [ London town ] and there is a man who frequents there, who has a beautiful RP accent. he sounds like he should be reading for BBC Radio and Television 🙂

  • I don't agree Posh is only the PR pronounciation but the tone spoken and even gesture and facial epression in a big picture.

  • The information given was narrow and unhelpful, the music is so much louder than what's said, you talk sssooooo slllloooooowwwwwww. A terrible video.

  • Lucy, is a prime example of an almost perfect posh British bird (please excuse the '60's terminology but that is what they were called when The Beatles caused American kids to even think about England). Only her hairdresser knows for sure but her shade of blonde is just not seen in the States without an extremely skillful and expensive stylist. Her eyes are not blue or a lighter shade of green but they do appear green on this cat's monitor. A minimal number of points deducted for eyes just not quite light enough. Note the eyebrows are light unlike American girls and their black. Her teeth are perfect in a country not known for having good teeth. Her lips are very English and quite appealing. Some men do understandably prefer fuller lips and those are available by the gross in the States. Now, we saved the best for last. You can search the States high and low and never find a girl with Lucy's complexion. Only English birds possess a complexion like hers. When she blushes one would notice she would flush red mostly in her high cheek bones and to a lesser extent the rest of her exposed skin. Basically, the only English word that describes her looks is "angelic". At her present age, her eyes are not as innocent as they were when she was a young girl when she would be considered an "angel". Lastly, the English language cannot be spoken better than how Lucy speaks. American guys know that at some point they have to let their gf's or wife's gabbing go in one ear and out the other just to maintain sanity. Lucy could speak of the frequency of trash collection and this cat would savor every word. Young, beautiful and posh British birds, the love of one being the most precious and valuable gift any man could desire.

  • Why have so many British women adopted a hoarse, croaking way of talking that sounds as though they have a sore throat, or it's like a teenage boy whose voice is breaking? It seems to have become fashionable in the last 2 or 3 years. I suppose this is another attempt to copy Americans where this seems prevalent. It's very irritating and unattractive.

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