September 1, 2020

Pokemon World Online – Episode 30 "Fighting Dojo Quest"

Last episode we explored Saffron city, took a look inside some of the buildings and saw a preview of the Fighting Dojo and Sixth Gym.

In this episode we will be taking on the Fighting Dojo Challenge! basically you face all the NPC inside the Dojo Gym, once all are defeated go speak to the Dojo Master, he will give you a question with 3 possible answers, answer one to earn the following; Attack Scroll, Defense Scroll or the third option to gain access to Splitting River Reserve secret area!

The Carved Cavern is a junctional cave, linking Route 25 to the Splitting River Reserve. Chuck or George will permit access to the area, if presented with a scroll; Attack or Defense.

The Splitting River Reserve is a bisegmented map, most notable for its inhabitation of fighting pokemon, including the specialist fighters Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan and Hitmontop. In order to gain access to Splitting River Reserve, completion of Fighting Dojo Quest in Saffron City is required.

*There is a new area thats part of the Splitting River Reserve, and you gain access to that area if you chosen the Third Option after Completing the Fighting Dojo Quest.

*POINT OF INTEREST: Hitmonlee, Hitmonchan and Hitmontop are currently catchable in every part of Splitting River Reserve. This is because the Tyrogue evolutions wanted to come together for the New Year celebrations and our kind staff has allowed them to do so(they might be a bit hard to find, you are taking them off an extended party after all).

I hope you enjoyed this episode! also make sure to check out the next episode to see what happens next on our adventure, also please LIKE, SHARE and SUBSCRIBE to show your support!

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