May 6, 2021


Austin Ross takes you along as he hires in for a pipeline welding job. As a pipeline welder, he is required to take a pipe welding test for every job. Pipeline weld test vary based off of the companies requirements. Watch this video to see Austin take a pipeline welding test and see if he passed or busted weld test.

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Filmed October 16, 2018 | Location WV #pipelinelife


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  • Are you subscribed to Austin's channel? He gives all his best tips and trick for pipeline welders and helpers over there. Here is the link.

  • That sux man . I just saw your vid.
    Bless you man! Itll get better dude. .
    Nobodys perfect. Nobody

  • Honestly? You're the most humble welder I've ever seen. You published your failed test and gave a lesson with it. You're not like all the other hot shots out there and instead you're the ideal role model for me

  • I failed a lot of tests in public school and didn't care but in my profession when I fail a job it makes you want to never have it happen again and make it right, right away.

  • Never busted a test but have busted x rays on the job and man just like you said it’s more of a pride thing it sucks but all you can do is learn from it and fix the mistake.

  • Gah this reminds me of a bunch of "hurry up and wait" time spent in Beckley, WV back in 2018 on some 42" work.

  • Hey Austin, I'm a welder in California not a pipe welder, but I like your attitude towards your test. I just started to see your channel and I like your content because I'm still learning. Thanks

  • Missing a test after all that is very tough. It builds character. Good video 👍 The welder who says he never has busted a test hasn’t tested very much or is lying. Period.

  • My dad was a pipeliner for 40 years. I remember him busting a few tests over the years. We always felt helpless to try and make him feel better. He didnt get too down, but we knew he felt like he let us down. Its a lot if stress but you have a great attitude.

  • This has nothing to do with god.

    I started welding in 2018 MiG. Did you Stick weld on your test? I’m new to all the welding industry. I tried stick welding.

  • Just one more reason why it is good to work Union. . Unions are all about training and education. . I am a 35 year member of Steamfitters Local Union 420 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and our training facility weld shop is open to any U.A. member who is in the area and would like to stop and practice and pick up tips from our top-notch instructors.

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