November 19, 2020

Ousama Game The Animation (King's Game) Episode 12 & Season Review

Skip to 4:50 (once you reach where I say skip too this). Sorry forgot to put the time stamp on the actual video.

Ousama Game The Animation (King’s Game) Episode 12 shows that the series isn’t over (DANG IT) and ends on a rather obvious note. Ugh, I do mention why this show wasn’t a complete failure in my room and we do have some spoilers for the prequel manga to try and make sense of the series.

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  • Me ep 1~12 :

    oh god why u make this anime!!

    Me see to be continue word:


  • Just thought I'd explain a few things since the anime kind of skips them. The virus goes dormant until a tragic event or something similar activates it. Something the manga touches upon, that the anime didn't. Chiemi and Natsuko's mother experimented with the virus, and is implied that's how it evolved to use the internet. Natusko was upset about being separated from her father, and sister, thus activating the virus for her King's Game. The other Natsuko created the virus by accidentally mixing some chemicals of some sort, and it infected her. Then spread around the village. The beginning scene in the anime is showing you Nobuaki getting a punishment but Chiemi spirit pushes him to keep going. Making him the winner of that game. Lastly the game never ends even in later novels. The last novel ends with Japan in constant fear of a new game beginning.

  • I wanted to like the series but I just can’t get past the one scene with Chiemi and Naoya. On top of that the ending is horrible and pointless and the series goes all over the place. Just feels all pointless in the end, not enough explained or resolved either.

  • I couldn't gather the patience to keep watching , it felt like a waste of time. I agree with what you said, thank you for the review, saved me hours of disappointment.

  • the only reason i made it to the end was 1. the opening 2.Natsuko curiously of what happens in the end. i am farely disappointed on how this series has turned out and even now im still confused about the opening scene where MC gets punished for drowning but now hes still here rate this anime a 4/10

  • amazing series 11/10 , so good i couldn't keep watching after episode 3 , so what really happen after ep 3 ?

  • The game continues forever but only one person can survive

    Plot twist:The surviver becomes the next villain in kings game

  • I think that nobuaki and riona should've survived and why the fuck was natsuko in heaven with nobuaki she should've been deep in hell very deep

  • so in the end the origin of the King is not explained, how stupid can the author be, the series composition and director made this show 10x cringey/worst

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