June 16, 2021

Merchants & Marauders – Gameplay & Discussion

Today we’re setting sail across the Caribbean, seeking gold, glory and adventure! Join us as we play and discuss Merchants & Marauders!

In this series you’ll be joining our group of friends for a post-game discussion of our favorite games. We’ll be highlighting exciting moments from the game and cutting to replays during our discussion.

You can find the excellent rules summary from The Esoteric Order of Gamers here –

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Music Credits – “Nerves” – Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)

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00:00 – Introduction
00:42 – Rules & Game Overview
12:28 – Titles & Game Play Montage
13:05 – End of the Game / Discussion Begins
15:55 – Game Results
16:45 – Press Your Luck Elements
17:50 – Random Elements & Game Variability
18:35 – Pirates vs. Merchants
20:13 – Replay #1 – One of Matt’s many Merchant Raids
21:50 – Mitigating Luck / Risk Reward Elements
24:13 – Replay #2 – Isaac is attacked by a Pirate NPC
27:43 – Isaac’s Post-game Thoughts
28:42 – Replay #3 – Some Diplomacy at Sea!
30:53 – Dynamic Elements of the Game
32:06 – Knowing the Rules and Taking Risks
33:53 – Replay #4 – Fighting a Man-O-War
36:39 – Retiring Captain or Dying
39:05 – Cutthroat Variant
39:55 – Seas of Glory Expansion
40:43 – Final Thoughts / Current Video Schedule

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  • This is exactly the sort of stuff I've wanted to watch since SUSD's Twilight Imperium playthrough! So glad I've found this channel. Subbed.

  • Strange how this is a big succes in America.. It fails here in europe. Played it quite a couple of times with my friends. All veteran boardgamers. We quickly found the merchant way is the win way. You can only be hindered by war, but mostly, it's clear sailing as you go from port to port. It usually becomes a game of chance. the one who draws the most 3 card combo's wins. Those who try the pirate way are always behind.

  • Hi great video!
    I have one question. Can you use the Glory cards just in one round and put them on the thrash or are they available to use every round? Thank you and greetings from germany :).

  • I believe you misplayed the escape rule, the captain attempting to escape needs at least one success in addition to the enemy captain getting zero successes in their chosen action.

  • Why does it have to cost 60 euros? I want it ;_; BTW, is the game language-dependent? There is no Finnish version of it. I can read English very well, but some of the people I play with can't, so I couldn't really help them by reading some secret cards or whatever.

  • Great video, and just when I was hovering on the edge of buying this too!  Just wanted to mention that the cut-throat variant also adds another rule that you didn't mention:  on the turn after you scout out of turn, you only get one action.

  • very cool show again guys 🙂 Never played this one but the comments of so many little rules scares me away a bit :p

  • i played sooo many pirate games becouse i love the theme,liberatlia,grog island,21 mutinies and others but NOYHING stands to this game.its only one PROPER pirate game.I am waiting for gale force 9 to do black sails.

  • Curse you!!!!  I was able to resist this game and then I watched your mini review!  LOL!  Congrats on the baby!  That is great news!  Also, have you ever played Christian's other game "Clash of Cultures"?  It is my #1 game because it is 4xish, without the huge amount of time spent…especially with the great expansion!

  • thanks!
    Have you guys got Rex?  Its out of print at the moment, but Id love to see it played.  I think a reprint will be available soon

  • Looks like a big fun game.  I would be happy to sit down and learn, but probably not own.

    Hope to see you soon Matt

  • Love this game Matt, especially with the expansion! Nice job presenting the game.Nice to have you guys back. You were missed!

  • Very cool Video as always Matt, I don't think this one is for me just because I don't have a gaming group that would be into it, but it does seem fun…you guys play a lot of games that I would like but I wouldn't be able to get to the table.  I should probably move to where you live and join your group. 😉

  • I am shocked at this video.  Like, really…  all that ship combat, and there are NO Pirates of the Caribbeans quotes or such?  I understand no music due to copyright, but…

    Anyway, do you think it's possible to win going purely Merchant with no evil piratey actions, or purely Pirate from the get go with no goody-two-shoes merchanting actions?

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