November 20, 2020

Love is a losing game chords and tutorial – Amy Winehouse guitar lesson

`Love is a losing game` is a great tune with some fantastic sounding jazzy chord voicings and in the video, I show you how you can play the SAME chords in DIFFERENT ways to create some really cool sounds.

Most guitarists think that once you learn a chord, e.g. C Major 7, that it sounds pretty much the same no matter how you play it.

That is wrong. The same chord can sound very different depending on where and how you play it as I show in this video.

Also, if you have ever learnt those cool sounding minor 7th and Major 7th chords but have never known any songs that use them, this is a great introduction to actually using them in a real song – and a great one too.

This video is actually a free video from my Elite Guitarist Inner Circle, where there are new lessons uploaded every month and over 60 lessons on the site (at the time of writing).

Check it out here…

it is super affordable and is packed full of great content.

Most of all, enjoy this beautiful and soulful song. It is a wonderful piece of music and is a good jazzy one to add to your repertoire.


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  • thanks very much. i've been practicing this song according to ur tutorial and it's really useful and well explained. u r amazing!

  • You mean fluid, not 'fluent'. Good instructions on finger placement. Thank you….love this tune😘

  • Dude, best video on YouTube for me.

    I don’t play any guitar but you taught me all much.

    You’re a wonderful educator. Do you teach ?’d be a great instructor

  • I lol Noah so much uncle Danny🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️🤐🤐🤐🤐aˀnˀdˀ Iˀ dˀiˀdˀ gˀoˀoˀdˀ aˀtˀ gˀyˀmˀ aˀrˀeˀ yˀoˀuˀ gˀoˀiˀnˀgˀ tˀoˀ cˀoˀmˀeˀ tˀoˀ nˀaˀnˀnˀyˀ rˀaˀfˀeˀlˀ

  • Great tut, pal. I think mastering the half diminished chord in writing is one of those things that make you sound immediately jazzy. You should write a guitar jazz book, one day 🙂

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