January 18, 2021

Kings of War Unboxing: Basilean Army

Today we’re Unboxing and taking a look at the Basilean Army for Kings of War.

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Mantic have impressed us again with their detailed sculpts. Just look at the wings of the Elohi for a perfect example!

This Basileans make up all that is pure within the world of Mantica. With the Elohi flying high in the sky, nothing can stand against their faith.

These Paladin-like warriors are a force to be reckoned with and we may need to flip a coin as to who is going to play this army between Justin & John.

Have you played with the Basilean Army?


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  • This review is fucking disgusting, the sisters are the worst miniatures I've had to put together, the limbs are too long, the arms and heads don't fit properly to the body, the whole thing is disproportionate.

  • I just got my Basilean army idk how to put it together cause there are nothing specific or how to paint it

  • I really feel like John should do all of the unboxings. These BoW unboxings are feeling more and more like they're sponsored content, and the guys are afraid to say something negative about the products. John at least seems to try to bring to light a few things that might not be totally optimal.

    It just feels way better when you get an honest opinion, rather than skipping over obvious flaws in the products or calling mediocre products "great" when they're, objectively, not.

    These models have so many gaps and moldlines in weird places that it feels strange that those are not even mentioned.
    It doesn't feel like an unboxing or a review, but a lot more like sponsored content.

  • "Basileia" is Greek for "Empire." E.g. "Basileia Rhōmaiōn" = "Roman Empire." It's obvious that the Basileans are off-brand Empire of Sigmar.

  • The men at arms "nice armor detail"…. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. Restic is balls to work with. The actual models are shit. This whole range needs to be smashed and re-done from the ground up.

  • Very biased and "positive" review guys. Not a single comment on the restic quality, the gaps on the shoulders of the sisters, her looong arms and necks, and the long arms of the male infantry? If this video was sponsored by Mantic then you should clearly say it was sponsored. If it wasn't, then I don't understand why you don't do a fair review. Mantic has good points and you can highlight them, but I own a Basilean army and… oh dear. You can always show the downside of a product and try to minimize it saying the price is cheap, it is easy to fix, or whatever… but you should do a fair review and do not intentionally omit any product flaws!

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