August 30, 2020

IT'S BEGUN! ❤️🌴 (Love Island: The Game Season 3 #1)

Hello and welcome everyone! I am so excited and overjoyed to say that Love Island: The Game Season 3 has officially landed as of today, 23rd June 2020. Shall we get underway, create our character and start a new journey into a summer of romance?

My channel covers gaming with a little bit of lifestyle thrown in. If you like games and dogs, this is the channel for you! If you have any suggestions for future videos, please leave them down in the comments below!

Thank you so much for clicking on this video, I hope you enjoy!

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Little Cookie II by William Rosati (Youtube Audio Library)
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  • S3's art style doesn't really bother me, but it does feel a bit more cartoon-y? Like some of the options seem a bit silly like when your LI gets taken, there's an option to literally drag them back which serves as a brief comical moment and it doesn't really get brought up again. And also every instance of our character being able to throw some item at a character, I've always thrown it at Harry (initial LI), and there's not really any negative consequences the character still flirts and acts normal. It's pretty funny, but kind of immersion breaking lol. Feels like there's not as much pressure as s2 to say the right thing with all the new emoji reactions, like the laughing one and such. Having fun with it though, that food fight gem purchase was worth it for the animation lol.

  • Hey ashleigh idk if you know but my game doesn’t seem to load it’ll say it’ll retry 3 times then quiet I’m not sure if it’s the new season not available in my country or not thought it was because I didn’t update my apple software but it’s not that

  • I loooove Camilo idk what it is about him maybe it’s the fact that he knows Spanish but I’ve been infatuated from the start😍

  • Anyone struggling to play with an iPhone 6 device? Seasons won't even open 🙁 It keeps crushing. Any idea how can I play?

  • I literally love the new season! I like the art style but if people dont agree that's fine. I really like AJ shes so cute but for guys, I like Camilo!!!❤

  • I’m really enjoying season 3 so far, the reviews before the game came out ALMOST discouraged me but it’s good. I’ve chosen Camilo, because he’s such a sweetheart and Elladine/ Genevieve are my best friends

  • I want her to stay with Camilo and just be rude but loyal please my heart doesn’t want to break 🥺😭

  • Loved the Vid Ashleigh and excited for the new season, I really do like Harry so I’m kinda rooting for him but will enjoy anyway. Please don’t forget the original waffle squad and me as ur getting famous lol 😂 lots of love <3 Arden Wolf

  • Omg this is why I love watching different youtubers play this game because everyone chooses someone different and it affects the game and who’s comes in the villa first!😄

  • Okay.. last season I named my character Hannah, and so there were two characters named Hannah…
    This season I named my character Genevieve…so now I have TWO GENEVIEVES

  • i literalllllly was just thinking about this game yesterday and how i lowkey kinda missed it…. now season 3 is out? oh shit. gotta re download. first season i got jake & second bobby even though i wanted gary. but i'm kinda excited & feel like a loser at the same time. lmao

  • Very interested to start Season Three. There are two sort of disappointing parts – two male characters not being options and the lower episode count. 

    It is sad that we don’t have the options to choose two of the male characters but I do appreciate us being informed from the start. I suppose this links to the less episodes being able to flesh out as many characters. The lower episode count is disappointing. I do think Season Two did have some filler parts and could have been slightly shorter. Did they really need the Girls Drama day Post Casa Amor or Blake or Eliza coming in then being evicted without doing much? Between twenty and twenty five days would be ideal in my mind. So it’s a little sad to see Season Three only get thirteen days because the characters look interesting but will get less time to make an impact. Still I’ll be judging on what is there rather than what is not.

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