January 18, 2021

Is this man the love of our life?… Rags to Riches – part 5

The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle, Rags to Riches!

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  • Hey Deli, here’s a video idea for you!
    Building a rustic barn house. I love the style and you could do a let’s play in it possibly! Anyway! Love your videos!

  • Hey Deli, just saying that it would be rlly cool if you could do a LETS PLAY City Living, It’s the only expansion pack I have and Ithought it would be cool if you were to do that’s same one as me! Just recommending!

  • FYI, you don’t have to vote once, close, then go and vote again. Just click the option as many times as you want all at once. 👍🏼

  • Hello, does anyone know how to get the light rays through the windows?, I already tried to set the lichting to the highest.🙃

  • I wish there wasn’t a sad moodlet for “missed” birthday. I feel like Wade wouldn’t care much about birthdays but yet he got the sad debuff.
    And, tbh, I don’t like the fabricated shelf because of… well.. the back :p

  • Anyone else feel like when they play through a game without recording it, its like missing part of a movie?
    Its kind of annoying. Wouls have liked to have seen the process.

  • Hey Deli, I just got the Smog Vacuum, so I figured I would let you know how to do it. You have to keep submitting your eco designs to different people and then modifying them, and leveling up your career. Over time, as you make more and more concepts, the grade of them will go up, the "Outstanding" concepts can be modified after showing it to people and it will then be "Perfect". You need to submit a few "Perfect" concepts, and you will unlock the Smog Vacuum! Hope this helps!!

  • Keep nurturing the bugs till their health is really good. You have to keep doing it many times in a row.

  • i may be wrong but I don't think wade will get a promotion unless you send him to work, even though you've completed all of the promotion tasks

  • It's an armoire…which is an armoire…I felt like I was going insane or she wasn't reading it.

  • I always find it so funny when Deli talks about snow. 😅 Deli, you're welcome to Sweden in the winter, I think it would be a completely new experience for you. But just a heads up – if you want to experience the beauty of winter and snow, visit in february-march. 😉 In December it's always dark. the sun rises at around 9 am and then it sets at 2 or 3 pm. 😔

  • The quill fruit is from sixam 👽
    I wonder why there are so many alien plants in the dumpsters of evergreen harbour 😂

  • When you click on the bug farm. Click the button that says clean out bug farm. That may help the health of your bugs.

  • Deli, to get their health up (bugs), you have to keep nurturing over and over until it says "growing". Once you take grub or flour or bio-fuel, their health will go down to declining and then just repeat nurture like 5 or 6 times.

  • BTW you don’t have to exist out to vote multiple times. You can just click multiple times on the thing you want

  • You can also have your Sim become a witch/warlock and use the "repairo" spell. That's what I'm doing 🙂

  • About the avocados. I live in a tropical country. Avocados grow during the cooler seasons (our seasons aren't very different since we are in the equatorial line). Our cooler seasons are still kinda warm if you compare it to snow though.

  • I am loving this series. It’s making me pine for the new expansion but I don’t have the money for it right now. T.T

  • To get the smog vacuum you need to be at the level of the civil designer career where you can make eco concepts. The municipal concepts will not give you the smog vacuum concept. Once you can do the eco concepts just keep making them until you get the one for the smog vacuum. After you send it in a high enough quality you'll get the recipe for it. I think it was the first eco concept I made but I had to keep making a new one because it didn't start off at a good enough quality where it was high quality after presenting and modifying it.

  • Deli you can do multiple votes at one time! you don't have to click in and out. 🙂 Love your videos. Thank you for making them. <3

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