June 15, 2021

Ike & Tina Turner – Game Of Love


You got that certain little somethin, that really turns me on
You can make me do right, or you can make me do wrong
If you really mean, that i’m “the best thing you ever found”
You can prove it by being true and never playing around

But just like you can cheat on me, I can cheat on you
There’s no rule says the game of love can’t be played by two

You can go shopping in the street, trying to bargain up on somethin new
But whats out there for you men, is out there for us women too
Like a dog that lies around, and he licks his bone
If the shoe don’t fit the size, why keep trying it on?

But just like you can cheat on me, I can cheat on you
There’s no rule says the game of love can’t be played by two

Like the old saying of give and take, you’re never to old to learn
But when you start putting your hand in fire, you know you gonna get burned
But if you wanna do unto me, and i do unto you
Then there’s no chance that this romance, can ever be broken in two

But just like you can cheat on me, I can cheat on you
There’s no rule says the game of love can’t be played by two

See i’ve been hurtin so many times, but some how i pull through
But the stakes of love are just too high, for me to gamble with you
I’m not tryin to play hard to get, but i want you to understand
If you want a do right woman, you gotta be a do right man

But just like you can cheat on me, I can cheat on you
There’s no rule says the game of love can’t be played by two

Hear me talking now
If you want me to do right
You’ve got to come in and do right
Said i’m gonna play if you play
It’s what it’s all about
Everybody’s talking bout liberation
I don’t believe
I believe in a man doin right

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