January 17, 2021

I Loved This Game So Much I Came Back For More! – Let's Play Creeper World 4 [Demo] – Part 5

The eternal harvester of galactic empires has returned! Witness massive waves of Creeper flood across the 3D terrain in this real time strategy game where the enemy is a fluid. Build out your economic base with energy and mined wares. Assemble your forces and struggle against the creeper on all fronts as it floods and fills the map. Take the high ground with your forces to avoid the creeper as waves crash around your base. Increase your lines of sight and range on high ground, but beware the aerial units. And, if you last long enough, launch orbital weapons and call down devastating strikes on the enemy.

Creeper World 4 continues the iconic and well received Creeper World RTS franchise, expanding into a new dimension of strategic possibilities and threats. The galaxy once again finds itself culled and utterly in ruins. Guide a scientist and cohorts through the ultimate test of survival and restore hope to the galaxy… one world at a time. Play small maps casually, while pausing and issuing orders. Alternately, play massive maps in real-time with full save support. The choice is yours. Play the story missions, the community crafted missions, or use the built in mission generator for infinite possibilities. Use the map editor to make your own maps for fun and sharing. Create custom units, or even custom game play modes, and share those as well.

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  • I love the fact that you can go up hills but the creeper must wait until there whole thing can reach up there

  • Somebody used a creeper world total conversion mod on Wander, and I'm loving it. Dude's over here referencing CW3 like a long time fan and I think that's awesome!

  • Love the sudden change from still learning to I know what I'm doing. Would love to see more CW, either 3 or 4, on the channel.

  • i wouldn't mind a creeper world series.
    i like all creeper world games (exept the sideview one that one was just meh)
    how about showing of some custom maps? i remember there were some maps in creeper world 3 where you play as the creeper and some maps had crazy warp pipe shenigens. i'd love seeing you play those maps.

  • So after CW 3 and 4, you gotta check out Particle Fleet: Emergence. Same developer. Similar idea… kinda. But it is it's own brand of awesomeness and wonderful gameplay.

  • Wander, I was trying to find the first stream of CW3 on your twitch page but couldn’t. Could you pls tell, which streamvod contains it?

  • The red dots on total Creeper on map graph in bottom left , hover over them for info what's and where has been destroyed.

  • Note: you can drag&drop towers to quickly create a line of them at optimal intervals, instead of clicking one by one.

  • btw you can click drag to make a line of things, if you do towers it will put them at the furthest range they can connect to eachother

  • I would love to see you have played through CW3 the first time, if you recorded it. If you didn't, then no. Watching someone play something their second time through isn't nearly as entertaining.

  • That was a really aggressive start, I'm impressed. The other youtuber I saw play through this level let the entire central area fill up and he had to deal with waves coming from both the stashes and the volcano.

  • I'm pretty sure you can "nullify" the volcano by placing a mortar on top of the volcano and letting it do it's thing, as i think their are breeders in their, and if their is no creep in the volcano, it won't function.

  • omg i just realized you don't know about holding the right mouse button and building stuff. this was as thing in every game but always forgot about it.
    Saves a lot of time when building stuff.

  • cw3 is always a fun watch, settings are in the cog next to the menu button you pressed and remember you can hold and drag stuff to build multiple, with towers and pylons this will place them at the optimal distances (also in cw3)
    hopefully you try the easter egg on level 1 (kill your lab when it tells you to move the cannons) its by far the hardest level

    I suspect with proper full tutorialization and non-limited toolset some of the issues you had with 4 should go away

  • Instead of powerzones, in CW4, you get ERN crystals which can be used as moveable powerzones or used to provide overall upgrades to your units

  • It be cool to see some cw3 custom maps.
    However playing the story… Ehhhh I won't watch the whole thing but would like to see you react to the stuff not in the demo.

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