August 31, 2020

I LOVE THIS GAME! – Live Roulette Game #14 – Excalibur Casino, Las Vegas, NV – Inside The Casino

For this real roulette game, I’m playing at Excalibur in Las Vegas. Excalibur has been around for a while and is themed like a castle. While the theme is somewhat cheesy these days, the casino is still a great place to play. The rooms at Excalibur aren’t the fanciest on the Strip, but they are affordable and allow you to get the resort experience while on the Strip.

I usually do pretty good with the strategy I use when playing roulette. However, in this video I managed to make my way back to my original buy-in plus a little bit!

Here’s how I play roulette:
As we know, the play field is divided up into three sections; 1-12, 13-24, and 25-36. Taking this into account, I take a look at the board to see how the wheel is trending. I will then place my first bets on the 2/3 of the field that the numbers are mostly coming from.
It’s important to note that when I’m placing my bets on 2/3 of the field, I do it equally on each 1/3 I’m playing. For example: If I’m betting on the first 2/3 of the field (1-24), I will start out with 3-4 chips on the outside (6-lines or streets) of each 1/3. So the 1-12 section has 3-4 chips and the 13-24 section also has 3-4 chips. Either way, each section has the same number of chips in the same pattern.
If the number hits in any of the 2/3 I’m betting on, I’m a winner and I’ll move to the inside and place bets on corners, equally spaced with equal number of chips in each 1/3. Placing 4 chips equally spaced on the corners allows me to cover ALL the numbers in that section. (see the video for how I do it.)
This betting method always produces a small or large profit when a number hits for me. It NEVER pays less than my bet or break even.
The reason I bet this way (2/3 of the field) is because I have a 2:3 chance of winning something or breaking even. If I bet equal money on ALL 3 sections of the field, I’d just be spinning my wheels. If I bet on just 1/3 of the field, the odds are even MORE against me. Thus the reason why I play 2/3 of the field.
If I continue to win, I will gradually increase my bets either by adding the 6-lines or streets to my inside bets, OR by pressing the corners bets. I will gradually increase my bets until a number hits in the section I’m NOT betting on. Then I start over from the beginning with small outside bets as stated above.
If all of the above is confusing, just watch my roulette videos and you can see my method in action (mostly).

Is this a fool-proof way to win at roulette? NOPE! There’s no such thing. BUT, it does allow me to play longer and gives me a better chance at winning than randomly placing my chips on the layout.

However, the BEST bit of advice to my method is this…. when you are winning, knowing when to color up and walk away makes all the difference.

See you Inside the Casino!

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  • Curious. During your initial bet of $24 and you won $34 ($12 profit), why did you increase your bet the next go round to $41 vs another $24 bet? You lost the $12 profit

  • Love the videos, especially the craps videos. But your strategy comments make me want to cringe. No matter the bet you make, the house edge is 5.26%. Each spin is independent. So if it was 10 red in a row, it has no barring in what happens in spin #11. The house edge is still 5.26%. In the short term can you randomly get "Lucky" and choose a bunch of winners. But it is not from any strategy. Over time it is still 5.26% to the house.

  • your betting style is very strange to me. Of course it is roulette and a random game, but there is a way to make bank on this game if you understand how to play and bet to increase your odds to win on a single number. I made $300 in about 30 min with a $50 buy in and only betting betting $5-6 at a time. but great video my friend looks like you had fun

  • awesome videos sir! only part that makes me cringe (sorry), is when u pick up the chips from a winning number for the next spin… that number just payed you and now you are removing them!? haven't u ever been victimized by the old "back-to-back" ! ,(lol).
    and besides that, that number JUST. PAYED. YOU… anyway, that's my only issue. great job on these vids! good luck to you!

  • Roll it back to 6 months ago when $5 min roulette was a thing at the Excalibur now it’s almost always 15 min during the week day

  • Best way is to bet more on the #s that take up large crests of the wheel. When you memorize their placement on the betting field you can narrow it down to a more on/off baccarat type system.

  • I fully understand the reason for the background music in respect of the copyright. I also love the colour of those chips you are using too. I would also like to discuss a particular roulette method with you also if you are interested as I am from the UK and am only used to the single zero European table but would like to pick your brains about your methods of betting on the double/triple zero tables. I have been to America a lot of times but never Las Vegas. Although there is no way to defeat roulette I think I may have found a heavily favourable way of beating it merely by exploiting the sheer amount of roulette tables in Las Vegas as opposed to trying to beat the one wheel within itself. I have a system which I have been trying out which seems to be working so far so I would love to come to Las Vegas and try it out for real. The only thing is being from Europe I have never played on a double zero wheel except for the Bahamas and i absolutely despise the very concept of them. I would just like to know if there are any European roulette wheels in the United States i.e. anywhere is Las Vegas or in Atlantic city etc??? The only reason I ask this is that it is quite possible to somewhat exploit the odds by simply spending time observing particular roulette wheels in various casinos and attempting to exploit certain biases for a small gain say $10 per table and moving on across the rest of them and perhaps sticking to a system in which one could potentially make a rather modest but comfortable $200 to $300 per day and strictly no more. It sounds impossible but providing table limits permit, it is more than possible to do. I know this sounds deluded but there is a system in which it can work but it just takes time and observation of certain patterns of spins and wheel biases. I know this sounds crazy but I am keen to give Las Vegas a try as I have tried and tested it on £0.50 roulette spins on online casinos and have been comfortably making £200 per day with my method playing express roulette for a little over 4 hours per day. Yeah there are risks but they are the most minimal risks possible and they allow for the most detrimental of sessions with minimal bank roll but it is all about spending the time on certain wheels and then moving on and walking away when you have made your £200. Anyway, please let me know if you would like to know more as I would like to know a lot more about the Las Vegas casino roulette tables before I take a trip over there, especially if there are any European wheels if any out there as the problem in the UK is that there aren't a lot of casinos in a concentrated area.

  • $24 spread was my style right there. I usually like to bet 18-22 numbers & maybe stack a couple chips for a 50-100 over if possible

  • On an average night how much money do you take to a casino? I want to go on vacation later this year and go to one but I'm trying to figure out how much money to take. Obviously the more I can bring the better, just curious though.

  • The best way to make money is to watch how the dealer spins the ball… each dealer has a particular way they spin… if that dealer is hitting ur numbers … follow that dealer.. if not.. dont play and go to another dealer that's hitting ur number.. once you win a big hand.
    Stop… there is always 2morrow…

  • You have really nice vids. Do you use a hidden cam or your phone? If your Phone how do you get it so still and not much movement?
    Like to try this myself. Also, do you ask permission from the casinos or do you really even need to ask?

  • That's the toughest way I've ever seen someone make $2 in gambling before, but hey if you're just in it to make a 15 min video then props to you.

  • Thank you for the live action. I love Vegas.

    Cosmopolitan has been my hangout spot lately. The second floor at Cosmo has a street food vendor type of area, no bad selections. The center bar on the first floor serves up great Pisco Sours. Craps dealers there are top notch; fast and accurate!

    Keep the vids coming. Can’t wait for the next one. Cheers 🍻!

  • I'll be in Vegas this time next week. I'll be shooting dice at The Orleans and in downtown. Let's play some craps

  • No green bets. Just a game of luck,but relaxing. I don't like to chase numbers-same set every time. We all have our favorite numbers! $5 inside is fine!

  • Even though I've drifted away from roulette, as a game, the videos with he sounds of the chips are very relaxing. Thanks for the uploads. I love the channel.

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