January 17, 2021

How to unlock Protected Excel VBA Project and Macro codes without password

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Title: How to unlock Protected Excel VBA Project Macro codes without password or using any paid software

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If you have ever forgotten a password for the VBA Projects then you know how frustrating that can be. No needs to worry any more and in this video, you’ll learn how to unlock VBA Project and codes which get stored in it. In this method, you no need to use any paid software to unlock VBA Macro Code.

You can download the free Hex Editor tool from

Follow the below simple steps to unlock the Protected Excel VBA project

Step 1
Make a copy of your Macro enabled xlsm workbook.

Step 2
Change the file format of the Macro-enabled workbook from xlsm to zip

Step 3

Unzip the zip file. Go to xl folder and inside that you’ll find a binary file called “vbaproject.bin”

Step 4
Open the VBA Project binary file using Hex editor. Find the word “DPB” and replace that with “DPx”. Save the VBA Project binary file and close it

Step 5
Come back and zip it again with any naming convention but with extension .xls

Step 6
Go to VBA Project- Tools- VBA Project properties. Unchecked the option Lock project for viewing in the Protection tab. Save and close the workbook

Step 7
Open the same workbook and now you can able to see the Modules and code reside in that. Congratulations You’ve successfully unlocked the VBA project code without using the password

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