June 10, 2021

How to repair windows 7 and fix corrupt CD/DVD (tutorial)

How to use windows 7 startup
repair by
this youtube video tutorial will show
you how use Windows startup repair to fix your computer when it will not start

Depending on your Windows version, System Recovery Options can already be installed on your computer.

If these tools aren’t installed, you can access System Recovery Options with the original installation CD/DVD or USB (the media you used to install Windows). On most Windows 7 systems, these tools are already installed, while on Windows Vista systems are not.

To check if you have System Recovery Options installed, follow these following steps:
Restart the computer

As soon as your computer stars, press the F8 key before the Windows logo appears

When the Advanced Boot Options menu appears, check if you have a Repair your computer option listed:

To continue, select Repair your computer and press Enter
Advanced Boot Options on Windows 7

The System Recovery Options screen can also have manufacturer-specific tools that can help you recover or restore your computer.

For example, computers from Dell can have the Dell Backup and Recovery Manager tool installed

Toshiba users can have the TOSHIBA Recovery Wizard tool

System Recovery Options in Windows Vista

Similarly to Windows 7, System Recovery Options can be accessed on a Windows Vista system with any of the following options:

From Advanced Boot Options, if the tools are already

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