July 15, 2021

How to Repair a DEAD Computer

In this video, I have an HP computer that will not boot-up. Watch as I explain the diagnostic process and repair this computer in a ‘live on camera’ style. I hope to not only show you how easy it is, but also have you laugh a little along the way.

Original How to Repair a DEAD Computer (Feb 2012):

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  • I watched this the other night to try and help me diagnose why the used Dell Optiplex 7010 (which I bought bare bones with just the case/CPU/RAM) I got my girlfriend would not boot up so I could load Window to an empty but initialized and formatted SSD. It was getting power, to the monitor and the the keyboard, no dust, fans turning, the hard drive LED on, the DVD-RW LED on, I though maybe it's bad RAM, so I tried 2 different brands of RAM, seated in each slot, then I tried it without RAM, got the correct error beep, I tried F2, F12, F7, delete, anything to do to get into BIOS, then I thought, "well, it's the CMOS" so I bought a brand new battery…and in the end, what was it? It was the monitor. Not that the monitor was bad, mind you, but rather that the LG monitor may have been set on "auto detect" or something and was looking for a type of video signal (HDMI?) that the Optiplex was not putting out. When I swapped it out with my Dell U2412M, voila, there is the BOOT screen! Installed Windows 10, swapped the monitors again, LG picks it the video signal, though, notably, it will only pick up from the VGA, it will not do HDMI to DP with an adapter. Someone told me Dell units tend to not play nice with adapters, and I guess if I think about it, I've found that to be true. Moral of the story? The first thing that occurred to me was to switch out the monitors, but since I was averse to the effort of plugging and unplugging both monitors, and since the LG was clearly getting power, I rationalized that this was not the problem, and I wasted time on everything else that was not.

  • Very interesting. If I ever get another tower computer, I might have some chance if fixing more than just the power supply (which I'm much more familiar with). Don't worry about electric shocks from the inside of a computer. The 240V, or 120V is only on the inside of the power supply. The highest outside is + or – 12Vdc. The only thing you could kill is the electronics if you pull the board out with the power on, or don't earth the static like you did.

  • Never ever use a leaf blower without tapeing the fans first. The beam will destroy the ball bearings if you blow straight on them.

  • I was surprised at the HP comment. I have three of them. One laptop, and two All-In-One Desktops. The newsest one is almost four years old. I suspect I was a lucky dude.

  • Brilliant troubleshooting video. I'm beginning my IT career and your video was educational and inspiring. I've subscribed 🙂.

  • I had a similar issue not too long ago. It was an old CMOS battery that had to be swapped out. Then the display port cable died moments later but everything was good after that. Pain in the rear when that happens.

  • people who ask if we can make custom laptops, for clarification to those who ask that question. It is not possible to and it will never be possible to make your own laptop compared to a desktop.

  • Aight so you showed us how to fix a computer. Now I wanna know how to get that floss florescent white smile XD

  • From a former tech who kept his anti-static kit, there is a 5 Mega-ohm resistor in the conductor that goes to earth ground. This slows the current rush you were talking about and validates what you told us.

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