June 18, 2021

Gamora 6 Star Rank 2 Game Play Love Her So Much | Marvel Contest of Champions

Took my 6 star Gamora to Rank 2 after a recent awakening of her on a basic 6 star crystal. She is so much fun to play and probably not on the radar for rank up for many players but I do not regret the decision, she is a blast.

Showcase: Gamora 6 Star Rank 2 Game Play

You build up her fury and cruelty by doing light attacks for Fury and medium attacks for cruelty. Those buffs last longer and longer as the fight moves on up to an additional 60% duration. You can also reset them by doing a heavy attack.

A lot of great synergies for her as well including Captain America Infinity War that increases her Fury duration, Iron Man infinity War that increases her attack damage on her specials and makes God slayer signature ability come back quicker. Mr Fantastic for more fury and many more.

Even in quick fights she hits hard with only a couple of fury up and remember it isn’t just her specials that do more damage her regular hits will do more damage with higher fury, she really hits like a truck.

Special 1 and special 2 are always critical. Special 1 is 100% critical and up to 600% critical if God Slayer works.

Special 2 has a chance to armor break and special 3 gives you true strike and shock damage.

I know she is probably not the most popular champ to rank up but I really enjoy her and obviously not having a 5 star version available I think a lot of people kind of forget about her.

Some obvious flaws or cons as they way would probably be she is not immune to anything, no regeneration and her fury and cruelty buffs that end up expiring will really power up those mystic champs that running high mystic dispersion. Also for those that do not like Heavy attacks play style to keep her fury up especially on the stun immune nodes.

In any case I enjoy her movements, her quick sword attacks and that damage when it hits is so much fun, if God Slayer comes into effect it is even better, so satisfying.

Gamora 6 Star Game Play
Gamora 6 Star Rank 2
Gamora Marvel Contest of champions
Gamora mcoc

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  • I think she is often forgotten perhaps because she does not have a 5 star version. She is so much fun to play and though many will probably disagree with this Rank up but that is okay, game is suppose to be fun and she is fun to play. Tell me what you think or what champs you are thinking of ranking up that are not the normal ones that people expect you to.

  • Bro u r awesome …
    Thanks to u bro we can see some different champion game play that no other people did

  • Cool vid! I was so…disappointed when I got her as my 1st 6star but that changed with her being buffed&now she's my 1st duped 6star lol.Really love using her with my 6star Nebula&4star Proxima synergy

  • Anyone see Kabam's sig stone offer today? People aren't burnt out, people are catching on to Kabam's shit. We all know Kabam loves to fuck us in the ass with a broom stick but they didn't even use lube with this offer. This was Kabam "listening" to us a week after the outcry.

  • I think if there was a better way to refresh those buffs or add some sort of unstoppable while she is heavying could make her a lot better.

  • She hits hard and she's fun to play. The problem is that as the game progresses you need more and more anti cash grab champs that can do almost everything lol.

  • Unexpected rank up, but I always love seeing people rank up who they like, not who they "have to". Have you tried her with the nick fury/cap marvel movie or cosmic supremacy synergies yet?

  • I wanna say A poor man s sunspot. But if you can do heavies i think she can do damage more consistently than sunny boy

  • wow I had no idea of this damage! nice video! Plus, I love that you do your rank ups based on what u like! kudos for you ' still one of my best utube channels for mcoc. Cheers

  • Great call! She hits so hard after her update. I want her as 6* she's great for quick fights, no need to throw heavies in those just race to a special and destroy them haha

  • One of my favorites. My first 4* and dupe. Used to ride with her in all sorts of content. Have mixed feelings about her buff – there were parts of the old kit (bleed) I liked and lots of her new kit now I like. I'd love to have her as a 6*.

    By the way, DZ the dream came through two days ago – got the skill gem. And now my Aegon (while still at rank 4) is at sig 200.

  • Nice rank up, I like her I just have a hard time keeping up her cruelties and furies. When you can though she hits hard.

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