September 1, 2020

Gameboys | Episode 2: Game of Love | [ENG SUB]

Chapter 2: Game of Love

As Cairo weighs in on Gavreel’s condition for a rematch, he discovers something about his opponent that will taint his trust in him.

STARRING: Kokoy De Santos and Elijah Canlas
DIRECTED BY: Ivan Andrew Payawal
WRITTEN BY: Ash M. Malanum

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  • The best filipino BL series ever! Walang tatalo…i like the concept, despite everything happens around, you still able to spice up our lives! God bless and more power!

  • 😎🙉🎉Thank you very much indeed for such a wonderful series, especially in these difficult moments of the quarantine, Please do more Series as it is in a future especially with the same cast of actors are very talented and with a great future in the industry👬🙈👑👍🏽

    🤴Greetings from Mexico🇲🇽

  • I really regret that i didn't watch it someone recommend to this but i watch HELLO STRANGER instead and other BL series but not accckk .. getting addicted

  • If you love Gavreel, please support the actor behind the character: Kokoy De Santos! 🙂
    Be a fan, apply ans join the family at Kokoy Global Official on Facebook!
    See you there! 🙂 🔥

  • For some reason mas ok ung delivery ng script nila compare dun s bagong bL na nilabas about school project

  • I am surprised to see their amazing chemistry even though they are not physically present with one another.❤️❤️❤️

  • This so good. I am crying on the bus to work. I hope his dad gets better and how could gav 😑😭

  • …..😱😱the twist
    I can't explain how much I love this. I need more, I don't care if it ends bad the acting is very professional. Even though they can't see each other in person the chemistry is there. I just love this show 💖💖💖

  • Kokoy De Santos has resemblance with Noah Centineo. He's PH Internet Boyfriend. Elijah and Kokoy made the "KILIG" convo so natural and surreal. #AddictedtoGameboys

  • Uhhhh how did they know they like each other I mean how did the other guy knew that the other guy likes guys not girls?!

  • Honestly this is way much better than My Day series or even with Hello Stranger. (No offense) Though the later had the same theme with them using the 'social-media-interaction scenario masbetter ang pacing nitong Gameboys. Though maganda ang pagkakuha nang camera shot para sa akin nang Hello Stranger but this one — masmukhang makatutuhanan ang approach nila. On acting wise, Tony labrusca's partner kind of di mo malaman kung hilaw pa ba or hinog sa akting and tony kinda off with his deliberation of his lines in their first episode — and this one swabe ang datingan na parang 'sige simplehan lang natin ang galawan pero pasok' ang pagkakaataki.

    And if im going to rate it — this is number 1. May puso. May dating. Deals with family too. Parang may malalim pang naghihintay na darating with the plot. BL should not revolves lang dapat sa dalawang lalaking magkakagusto sa isa't isa or simplehang sige 'ganito talaga kami maglandi'. Tungkol din ito sa meron din silang pamilya na iniikotan nila — and how parang tinanim — will this affect the bossoming feelings soon magstart sa kanila? Mga ganoong datingan. Di na ako nagtaka na hit ito sa tiktok and they use the 'dialogue lines' audio more than the other BL series. Nakasampu na yata akong tiktokers na ginagaya or ginamit eksena nila as a dub lines.

    Para sa akin, di katulad nang dalawang nabanggit na PH series, the plot of game boys speaks talaga iyong maraming mga pagkakataon nang awkward sa masawkward nang sitwasyon nang pakiramdaman sa mga discreet guy kung paano eexpress ang sarili sa iba dahil alam mo na kung paanong still tabo pa din or still not a norm pa din ang tingin nang mga tao sa homosexual relationship. May parang kaunting 'takot'. May wall pa din. Unlike of straight romantic flick — ito naman talaga iyong siyang 'tamang timpla' nang buhay-kalakaran-nararamdaman nang pagiging bisexual or maging nang mga closeted. Maganda pagkakagawa.

  • The character of cairo is a Panic gay! while gabreel is a confident gay! he is really know what his like as person!.. hoping cairo admits his feeling to Gab! so sweet! ! ! ! 😊😂😊…

  • Nung nagbilang sya in English with that Filipino, namiss ko yan! Haha nasanay na ako sa hana dul set at sa neung seong sam…

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