September 1, 2020

Game of Thrones; Or The Pain Of Falling Out Of Love With A Story

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This is a different kind of video for me. It’s less of a writing lesson than it is a reading lesson, or even a living lesson. It’s me working through the familiar feeling of frustration I’ve felt in the past when watching a beloved story decline before reaching the end, and an exercise for getting around that.

So yeah, lets talk about Game of Thrones season seven.

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  • Hey guys! So if you feel the same way about the show as I do, let me know how you would change it! Share your "fan fictions" below.

  • I realised half way through this video that this was actually only about season 7. Man, you had no idea

  • I was about to comment that the Titanic analogy was so incredibly apt, then realised this was released before the eighth season even came out!

  • DANNY could’ve saved her dragons & wipes out the MOUNTED BALLISTAS. In mid evil times; armies would take the harder route to attack fortress positions, by going through the back & with FLYING DRAGONS, a head first attack is dumb

  • Started to buck, during the 7th season?
    You are far too generous.
    The decline, started much earlier, as early as Season 4 was when things started to hit the fan. By Season 5, the death nails were already hammered into the coffin.

  • The show became a Hollywood popcorn movie because that is the true colors of D&D. Generic B-movies is their real level and it shows when they ran out of GRR Martin dialogue.

  • It bothers me when people say that D&D ran out of books after season 4 which is clearly false. They actually had a great amount of material to work with and granted they aren't complete but they could still have adapted all of them and still tried to finish what book 4 and 5 started but instead we got extremely butchered versions of these arcs where Jaime and Bronn fuck around in Dorne all for nothing while all the political intrigue and consequences in the North and Riverlands after the Red Wedding are almost nonexistent. Nobody suffers from these repercussions which is something that does not happen in the books where Freys are killed left and right while the Boltons have a very hard time controlling the North and has to use hostages and make delicate alliances to even have a small chance of ruling it and that's not counting Ramsay fucking it up all the time. Bottomline D&D forgot what made A Song of Ice and Fire and the earlier seasons of Game of Thrones special and just turned it into a boring and generic fantasy story.

  • Much of the Game of Thrones fan fiction is far superior to the wreckage Benioff and Weiss gave us throughout the last four seasons. But Season Eight was such a bitter disappointment that I can't get enthused about reworking any of it. And maybe that's what hurts the worst — their abomination has caused me to lose respect for the entire series and try to forget it ever existed.

  • I guess I'm in the minority that liked the ending of Lost, even if it wasn't as strong as it could have been.

  • Jesus man (forget the cinical coment)… I just found your channel (lol… "just"… like some 5 hours ago). I've watched the "review/analises" of matrix , LOTR, hobbit (all 3 of them), joker… etc. It starded on your westworld video!!!! … what can i say…. well… I don't have your gift to say what needs to b said in the minimal amount of words. So I'll keep it strait and simple… THANK YOU! (sorry for spelling mistakes … obviously english is not my native language…. but i know that u know what i mean)

  • Thanks for this video. My feeling exactly. Well, let's be honest, it's my feeling now. At the end of season 7, my pain expressed itself in hate for the showrunners. But after a while, I cooldown, and one year later, I could watch season 8 rather peacefully, "comtemplatively". While I was still sad, I could enjoy what this last season did right: wonderful visuals, some moving moments (e.g. Tyrion entering King's landing). Everything that was wrong did not disappear, but I just acknowledged them and moved on. Truely a "falling out of love" process 🙂

    Many commentators here are saying that season 8 is the worst and is a shame. It isn't. But like for me, it may take them some time to make their peace with the show. Maybe in a year from now, we'll all see it for what it is: a valid piece of entertainment, nothing more, nothing less.

  • For the record, season 4 started showing cracks. By season 5, they had developed into faults. In season 6, the earthquakes began, and everything after that was sifting through rubble.

  • "Can only think of shows that got better right up until the end on one finger"

    cough ATLA cough Black Sails

    anyway carry on, love the analysis as always

  • I am still really hoping for the books, considering how many differences there are in book 5 to the show, it has to have a different ending or at least a much improved ending

  • I disagree. The show made small, forgivable mistakes from the beginning, but went downhill since s5.
    And I'll probably sound like books elitist, but in this case, most of transgressions of the show, really came down to all those departures from source material.
    I watched it to the bitter end, just so I see, how low it could go.

  • I stopped watching it when that chick Brienna of Turd defeated the Hound in a sword battle. Utterly ridiculous woke shit.

  • First they kill your favorite character, last they kill the entire serie… as aways, no one could see coming!

  • Game of Thrones and other shitty TV shows, movies, and writing in general that has made me want to write a book.

    Edit: The Scooby Doo ghost even looks like Petyr.

  • You specifically hit my three worst (or let's say the most emotionally charged) TV/movie experiences by mentioning the hobbit, got and avatar. And I haven't found another Video that reflects so much, how I feel. Thanks for sharing my opinion and for summarizing it all so beautifully – it's a relief to hear it spoken out 😉

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