July 28, 2021

Game of Inches: A love letter to the Cleveland Indians from a girl and her dad

A love letter to the Cleveland Indians from a girl and her dad. Thanks for the memories, Cleveland. In memory of my dad, Gary B. Smith. In 2017, my younger sister, Kelly, penned an article for Indians’ fan site, Let’s Go Tribe:

Dad was a fan his entire life, through the ups and the downs, and he passed that on to his six kids. He never saw a World Series brought to Cleveland, but I think the Indians gave him some of his greatest happiness, and some of his greatest bonds with his kids. He was buried, of course, with a Tribe hat – always their biggest fan.

In early 2019, I had the idea to bring this story to life in a video. Along with my family, I spent countless hours this year going through family pictures and videos. I managed to find the audio from Tom Hamilton, the Indians play-by-play announcer, who had mentioned my dad on air during a game in 2016. And when I shot video of Kelly in our front yard, we even dusted off my Dad’s trusty old catcher’s mitt – the same one he used to play catch with me and all of my siblings growing up.

I know my dad isn’t the only Indians fan to endure a lifetime of “what ifs” and “oh-so-close” moments. But despite enduring so many disappointments, there’s something more to being an Indians fan – or a sports fan, for that matter. For me, the shared bond and the shared memories with my Dad make being an Indians fan so special. Plus, “There’s always next year,” as Indians fans know well. Special thanks to my sister, Kelly, and my family for helping with this project.

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In Time by Steven Gutheinz
A Past Life by Yoe Mase

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  • As a lifelong Indians fan thanks to my grandfather, who died in 1993, I cried through this entire video. ❤⚾

  • My wife Gerri says: What a great video! I too grew up going to baseball games with my Dad. He also taught me the love of the game and the fans with whom you make friends with. I am a 20 year usher for the Indians. The fans are the reason I come back each year; to see the smiles on faces of the children and the joy of the fans who eventually become friends.

  • I got to go to game 2 with my dad both of our first World Series games it did not go well for the home team, but I had the best time just being there with my dad. I hope some day we get to see them win it all but until then it was the best moment in my life to share that joy with my dad and im glad your sister got that joy as well!

  • Amazing video. Thanks for letting us in on your story. I will never forget that season. And Rajais HR was the best moment in my sports life (and let's be honest – one of the best moments of my life in general). Great video!

  • What a great video. I'm sorry her dad couldn't see the Tribe as world champions. We can only hope it'll happen for us one day. Her dad will be looking down with a smile, wearing his tribe cap

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