January 16, 2021

FOOD FIGHT! 🍝🍰 (Love Island: The Game Season 3 #6)

Hello everyone and welcome back to Love Island: The Game Season 3! It’s finally the last part of day 2… it feels like we’ve been with Tris in the Villa forever! Who’s excited for the next two days to release tomorrow?

Date, Dinner, Disaster indeed. We’ve have the dates, but now the boys attempt to cook dinner for the girls and lets just say that things don’t exactly go to plan… or at least, it doesn’t for everybody. Is there a disaster heading our way? Time to find out!

Also sorry for the mention in the video of no upload today (Monday), we were hoping to get this video out last night but had problems with the export. Thank you for understanding!

My channel covers gaming with a little bit of lifestyle thrown in. If you like games and dogs, this is the channel for you! If you have any suggestions for future videos, please leave them down in the comments below!

Thank you so much for clicking on this video, I hope you enjoy!

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  • PLEAS HELP ME, while I was playing I couldn’t continue playing day3 and I really don’t know why, they said that it’s supposed come out today but I still can’t play it!

  • This is such a fun episode! Interestingly enough, I’ve made it clear to Camilo that we’re friends and that’s it and he’s still the one who offered to help me clean up. I turned him down (not trying to send mixed messages) so thank you for playing that through!

  • *Camilo and Tris have nice, normal moment
    Camilo – You are well fit
    Lol I died

    Btw I feel like I'm the only one who stans bill lol.

  • Lollll, I will only eat my pasta soft!🤷‍♀️🤣 I work in a diner so I fully understand that it’s supposed to be al dente, but no thank you🤭 I’m very much a texture person, and anything that my mouth feels is strange, I immediately have an adverse reaction to💯 I can’t eat celery or mushrooms because of this😬 They taste fine, but the texture, omg nooo🤮 That Brazilian restaurant that Nicky mentioned sounds delicious though!👍 There is a place in Texas called “the salt lick” and everything there is cooked over an open fire pit and served fresh from the grill🤤 I loveee bbq food, it always reminds me of summer and the state fair💚 And omgg, I was waiting for the part about Seb’s date! I was low key kind of snooty towards him in my playthrough, so I thought that he just didn’t like me and was like “yeah I had an awful date with this girl named Ashley”🤣 Glad to see that it was just a coincidence😅 Lolll, I also chose to say “wait your names not Mark?” It actually really bummed me out because I thought he would be able to take a joke. I’m naturally a very sarcastic, “bust your chops” type of person, so unfortunately I just don’t see us getting along😕 I’m super glad that I got to spend some time with Camilo in the bathroom though😏 I didn’t realize how much we had in common until that conversation! My family is rather loud and obnoxious, not to mention, I have six siblings and a step family, so I could really relate to him💖

  • i just found out in season 2 of love island the game there was an option to run away with lottie or hannah

  • Any options that would make a difference we had picked the same things. So, yet again I can't say any difference in mine. Lol.

  • I wish there were 21 days (3 weeks) so that there aren't too many filler days and also so that it could feel like we're actually getting to know them but ah well

  • I started out going for Harry, but that scene after the food fight made me consider switching to Camilo

  • I like Bill, don't know why tho 🙂 Camilo is good too. Somehow i am glad that there will be only 13 days cuz 30 days are too much for me (got tired of characters and the story). Anyways, love your videos!!

  • I like watching you and AJ, I didn't say I was into girls so I didn't get her as an option. Still so mad at myself for that 😤

  • I already played this episode and I was literally waiting till seb said he dated a girl named Ashley 😂❤️❤️❤️

  • Awesome video there ashleigh as always the food fight was a good laugh 😂. I don't mind bill but still on team AJ I hope we have a lovely week 😊. X

  • #Qotd
    1. Who do you think is right for Tris?
    2a. If Tris was eliminated, and she came back how do you think she would have changed (Like Hannah in Season 2)
    2b. When Tris comes back, who would be with who?
    3a. If Camilo and AJ were found "doing bits" How would she and you react?
    3b. who would she couple up with then?
    4. What is Tris's Sexuality?
    5. If Tris was in season 2, who would she go for?
    6. If you could date anyone on the island even Tris who would it be?

  • #questionoftheday how would you describe the following characters in one word?

    and aj 😂❤️

  • i love this because im too poor for gems so i can watch you to know the outcome 😂😌❤️

  • Hey Ashleigh I have a question for round the firepit pls answer
    Q:who is your best girlfriend in there
    Q:Would you go there with Harry
    Q:At the next recoupling who are you gonna choose

  • Back again for another video – at 7:30pm. PLEASE keep uploading!!!!! I love watching your content! #teamharry

  • Hi Ashleigh I love your channel sooo much your my favourite YouTuber ever keep up the amazing content ❤❤👌

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