August 29, 2020

DISASTER STRIKES 😲👶 (Love Island: The Game Season 2 #80)

Welcome back to Love Island: The Game!

This is part two of the infamous baby challenge, and the girls find themselves stuck with their plastic scream demons as the boys head to the beach for the day. What will they do to keep themselves entertained? How long must this single parenting nightmare continue? What could possibly go wrong? So much, oh so much.

My channel covers gaming with a little bit of lifestyle thrown in. If you like games and dogs, this is the channel for you! If you have any suggestions for future videos, please leave them down in the comments below!

Thank you so much for clicking on this video, I hope you enjoy!

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  • The sound effects for Sriracha were perfect 😂😂 and yeah I feel like Hope is only dramatic when it comes to her problems. She always tries to calm down any of the other drama in the villa but when the girl drama or relationship issues are centered on her, she blows it out of proportion 😑

  • Omggg, this episode is sooo funny to me! I was hoping you were going to go with your gut and choose “How could you?!” I personally haven’t done that dialogue option yet, but I’m curious to see what happens if you do💯 Of course, I had to be true to myself and said that it was hilarious😂🤷‍♀️ I literally laughed out loud when he said the legs came off💀 Then again, I was the one who put it on top of a dresser (would not advise😂), put makeup on it and wanted absolutely nothing to do with the challenge so I really couldn’t be mad at him🤣

  • On today's episode of Love Island…. DISASTER STRIKES!! oh this is gonna be good! Lol super awesome Ash!!

  • Awesome video there ashleigh as always ☺ them baby noises was a right laugh 😂😂 can't wait to see who leaves in the next one. Keep up the awesome work and I hope you've had a lovely week so far 😊. X

  • I wish Priya was still here and Hope or Jo was gone in her place. Priya was so amazing I’d love to see how she would have been like on this challenge. I miss her. 🙁

  • Another great video. You and Bobby are doing great and you are the best couple in the Villa. Im sure you two will win this challenge. It's an easy one to one. Keep up the great videos. Your awesome.

  • Poor Sophie- how on earth did both legs pop off? I think my favorite couple other than you and Bobby is Lottie and Gary. They’re pretty solid and loyal friends. Though Chelsea is a great and hilarious. And honestly Hope drives me nuts- she’s always pouting

  • ok, wow, didn't realize this is day 27!!! Also, there is probably going to be a dumping tonight as you are really close to the end, and there are 6 couples left, and there are only 3 in the end. I know you and Bobby will make it to the final, and most likely Noah and Hope, but I want to know who else. Great work once again. This episode is just amazing, especially with the sound effects. 😘💯💖💐

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