July 14, 2021

Dark Souls Remastered | I LOVE THIS GAME SO MUCH never mind I hate it ok not really

Dark Souls Remastered is here! The memories of this game are so good, and so bad at the same time…
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  • Hey Matt, since you brought up the whole PTSD thing, I feel I have to mention….BLIGHTTOWN. I’ve been playing this nonstop, to the point where I started a YouTube channel while playing this and AGONY, but ran into some technical issues. I won’t spoil anything on the remaster yet, but the rest of the game feels so much like the original to me and I LOVE IT and cannot recommend it more. From Software absolutely delivered on this. ( And don’t worry I won’t judge for not doing Deprived. Took me until my second run of Dark Souls III to try it.)

    And speaking of From doing a possible sequel to Bloodborne, there are trailers out for one that might be along the same vein, i.e. Souls-esque, called “Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice.” A couple of the weapons from the trailer look like the trick weapons from Bloodborne, but mixed with older series, maybe like Shadow Tower

  • For whatever bizarre-o reason, when I watch a Let's Play of either Dark Souls or Bloodborne, all I can think is "I bet that place smells bad; oh my god, that monster must have the nastiest taint stank; I don't even want to know what that thing smells like." I swear the designs of some of these things are the embodiment of whatever they smell like. And it's just the Dark Souls or Bloodborne that make me wonder these things! :/

  • The top three moments of Lissy's life:
    3. Her wedding day.
    2. The birth of her son.
    1. Fantastic Pie fitting perfectly into the Dark Souls Remastered name field.

  • Ye gods now I wanna get back into Dark Souls! I still haven't finished my sorcerer run in the original game =o
    Would love to see more of the remaster though, it's interesting to see the differences from original with mods and remaster =D

  • Wow, this video makes me realize that I REALLY wish you would do more videos and less streaming…I feel like you had a really good balance a few months ago when it was maybe one stream every week and still had daily-ish gaming videos on the channel. Now it seems like it's almost all streaming, which I just can't condone spending so much time to watch. Maybe figure out a way so that your videos don't require as much editing and stream a little less? I would honestly rather watch uncut footage of you playing games over watching an old stream with all the comment reactions and donation sounds going. Stream highlights are good, but I feel like they're more trouble than they're probably worth for you guys to put together since it's sifting so much footage.

    Sorry, I know that you are very busy with the baby, and work, and life, and everything, and I don't want to add to your plate. I just have really missed watching you lately because of all the streaming, and hope you might consider reprioritizing a little of the time you already spend on Twitch to make sure your fans on YouTube aren't left out. No matter what you choose I'll still be supporting you on Patreon, just because your content is so consistently wholesome, hilarious, and all-around awesome. Take care.

  • Watch VaatiVidyas lore videos about DS 3. Yhorm / Sulyvahn/ Gwyns firstborn/Faraam they are all epic

  • You see, Bloodbourne is better because it has 100% more werewolves than your standard souls game.

  • It'd be really awesome to see you guys play Detroit: Become Human. It has an incredible story and is truly decision based; would be cool to see your take on it 🙂

  • I'm sure you know by now but no bloodborne 2 but its called Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice. A mix of Tenchu, souls, and bloodborne. I personally can't wait to play it.

  • I've been enjoying your video so much! Dark Soul is a pain in ma A… May I recommend you to play "Sara is missing"? I think it would be a great reaction to play.

  • whats up with that beard ? are you try to pull a kenobi here ?
    btw new trailer for ori and the will of the wisps is out and i hope for a reaction of you two

  • 7:10 "Are we a rat?" game replies "Yes indeed" That timing x)
    I have never played a Dark Souls game, not sure it's my kind of game to play, but a lot of fun to watch, looks awesome! Would love to see more of the adventures of Fantastic Pie 😀

  • Our noble hero was once a famous baker known throughout the land….sadly he died during the war with the dragons and therefore, couldn't complete his life's goal. Unable to accept death, he journeys forth to fulfill his destiny; to bake the most FANTASTIC PIE KNOWN TO MAN! o-o/

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