June 15, 2021

Candle flame is repelled by magnets (and Zeeman follow-up)

Why is a candle flame repelled by magnets? It turns out to be a combination of diamagnetic soot particles and hot gas.

Dr. Faraday on the diamagnetic condition:

On Flame and Gases:

I should have mentioned in the video that the exhaust from a flame will be oxygen-poor, thus also making it more diamagnetic than normal air. Air is a mixture of nitrogen (diamagnetic) and oxygen (paramagnetic). Removing the oxygen will make the resulting gas more diamagnetic.

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  • Yes , u are right because its also reversible , when you light a candle near gap of magnets , at very first instant it losses magnetism , use small magnets

  • I think this could theoretically be used for a noisless ”helicopter“ that moves air by pulling and pushing ionized air with magnets so you can pull it from the top and push it out the sides, which would both otherwise not be possible, so no air changes happen below at all.
    Of course a glider would be more practical, even though more limited by speed before it becomes audible. 😀
    But I found it interesting to explore.

  • There is nothing more interesting and weird and fascinating than our universe.
    I don’t get why some people are so afraid of it, that they hide inside fantasies. What happened to those people? Who hurt them? How can I fix that? I want them to be fascinated and full of potential too!

  • Sir,
    I think its because one of the combustion product is water.
    And water is deflected by magnetic field as water is paramagnetic. A continuous combustion must be releasing a continuous vapour of water which could be deflected by a magnetic field

  • I swear the bubble was affected I think you created the layer of bubble itself to move and not the gas or air inside or out. Look closer at the bubbles membrane as you do it

  • You should try and compare how an electric arc will behave outside and inside the magnetic field. My prediction is that it may actually propagate it, a lightning sort of effect. It would be interesting to see if vertically and horizontally aligned arc behavior is any different.

  • why when you approach a magnet to a falling water jet it does not feel worse repulsion with a static charge balloon if. What difference and how do static forces behave as opposed to magnetic?

    And why does the flame of a candle not affect the static attraction of a balloon?

  • Why does the plasma of a candle generated in a microwave move as the magnetic field affects it? to be generated?

  • My guess is Lenz Law.. like dropping a magnet through a copper tube, being slowed by the opposing flux from induced current in the conductor, by the moving flux field of the falling magnet.

    Except with the flame, rising conductive ionized gases, create a flux field opposing it's upward motion, as edie currents are induced in the flame plasma, slowing the rising of the flame, giving it a squashed effect.

    I wonder how this hypothesis could be tested.. 🤔 Any chance you could reproduce the experiment with a flame in zero-g… so there would be no induction from movement!? 🙃

  • It might be interesting to utilize Schlieren photography to see the magnetic field effects on the flow field. In fact, as I think about it, with precise timing on when the magnet is active, you'd be able to tell what portions are affected and possibly the contributions.

  • Do a cold air test also ….secondly You said tht you will take 2 cylinders one with vaccum and other with air to test it further…. I want to ask what is ur major purpose for this experiment? Vaccum is not deviated yes but air will be plz elaborate

  • I wonder if laser light is affected by magnetic fields. It sure would be nice to have an all-encompassing theory of all the forces, ionic, electric, and magnetic of atoms and math that would back up the atomic theory of valence shells in a simple manner. This theory would unite electronics, chemistry, and physics all at the same time. Perhaps we could simplify the standard model and gain a better understanding of how stars (like the sun) behave like they do.

  • defracting light with magnet you tard. Play with a magnet with polar filters and light thru ferrofluid.

  • 6:02 the surface of the bubble is shifting in a circular motion? maybe that is the movement since in a plate with two bubbles with a strong magnet it only moves ever so slightly but with no resistance almost from the water and it has room to move, maybe the construct of the bubble is stopping the bubble from moving but not from the bubble surface fluids to flow?

  • I very much enjoy what you do! I discovered this video after spit balling an idea regarding a fire repellent and searching for data to support my hypothesis leading me to ask if you have any ideas how this may be adapted for forest fire control, dispersal or prevention. Perhaps a line of e mags tuned to a certain harmonic and projected. If nothing else personal protection for people and vehicles like a mini earth field, personal Aurora if you will lol. Not being as educated as I would like to discuss this I'm hoping this spawns some thought. Its ridiculous we dont adapt magnetic forces and other elements in various states of matter for higher developed purposes, wont happen until some do. I believe it's possible

  • I believe it is caused by eddy currents in the flame. The currents create a counter magnetic field since the flame plasma moves and it is a conductive.

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