June 16, 2021

Board Game Breakfast: Episode 106 – Rating Games

Tom Vasel takes a look at the news for the week, joined by a host of friends

Show Notes:
0:20 – Intro
1:50 – Board Game News
3:47 – Kickstarter News with Board Game Brawl
7:10 – Q&A with Tom and Jason
10:47 – Whitleypedia
12:59 – Board Game Social
14:57 – Things that make me Happy
16:20 – Miniatures Painting
18:17 – Dice Tower Productions
19:35 – Head in the Clouds with Chaz Marler
22:29 – Tom Thinks (Rating Games)
29:08 – The Best and the Worst
31:03 – Game Rooms
33:30 – Board Game Apps with Suzanne
35:24 – Snakes and Lattes
37:44 – Closing Thoughts

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  • Snakes & Lattes, I might also recommend Tom's suggestion of Airlines: Europe as an alternative to Monopoly (or Acquire).

  • When I rate movies on imdb, I have the same issue as Tom with games. I would't recommend a movie that I rate a 5. I have by far more 6's, 7's and 8's, then i have all of the other ratings combined. I already thought about changing my rating system, where a 5 would be actually an avarage movie, which I could recommend to some people (as it is, I rate an avarage movie either 6 or 7). But it looks like it is normal to have more 6's, 7's and 8's. Especially that i go watch movies that already have me somewhat interested, hence the likelihood of them being bad is low.

  • Games that I “think” I like but then don’t: Games that involve a lot luck … and games that involve no luck.

  • Ticket to ride is not "really" luck based. For goodness sakes. You don't need to do all the tickets you draw. you only have to keep one. The obsession with zero luck in games just makes no sense to me.

  • I feel you Chaz. I hate to say that, but I feel that way about Star Wars… I love(d) Star Wars I even liked the new films but recently due to premiere of a new one everyone went nuts. You can't turn on the TV and not see some Star Wars themed commercial, everywhere you can buy Star Wars gadgets, everyday items, like toothbrushes etc, and Darth Vader flavoured yogurths. That is a bit too much, Star Wars overload

  • how to NOT encourage people to join the hobby – lets diss people who actually play and enjoy Monopoly – jeez get a life – at least the segment acknowledged its a huge selling game shifting more than the top 100 modern games combined I would imagine

    Its about time the gaming community just laid off the dissing Monopoly its kind of childish – its like dissing the riff of Louie Louie or something if you are a musician

  • Chaz, that was so on point. Holy crap.
    Tom, I agree with you about ratings, but quit heckling Richard. 😉
    I am becoming more and more a fan of Suzanne. She's a big plus on Breakfast and Blender.

  • Didn't you just answer my live viewer question a week ago saying that you don't use a rating scale when conducting reviews of games?

  • What do you guys think about "upgrading" your games with your own components (for example, using poker chips instead of the in-box tokens)?

  • Painting Mice and Mystics is simplistic?!
    Single color?! Wow… we must have painted our minis quite differently! 🙂

  • Love letter isn't social deduction, but as 1 of my 2 favorite genres, I for 1 am not close to tired of social deduction games. I look forward to each and every one. I enjoy most of them.

  • Chaz hits it out of the park again!

    Social deduction games are also the games I thought I would like, but didn't. I don't like bluffing in games like Skull and Poker, but I do like bluffing in many other games like You're Bluffing, when you pretty much "know" the other player is lying. While that's okay, directly lying to my friends is not an activity I enjoy – even if I win. I won once as the traitor in Shadows over Camelot and though I barely did anything to hurt the other players, I still felt like a jerk after winning. Lying to my friends – not for me.

    My nostalgia game is 10 Days in the USA. It has been called a glorified Rack-O and I can't disagree, but that is one of the reasons I love it. Rack-O is my mom's favorite game and I have played countless games with her and other members of my family. Those were good times, and though 10 Days is simple, it has enough interesting choices to keep me happy and always brings me back to those childhood days of playing Rack-O with my mom.

  • Responding to Chaz's segment:

    I should really enjoy roleplaying games and the immersie experiences the provide in a variety of forms, from D&D to Descent. But I've found that I don't enjoy them at all. They are way too long, way too rules-heavy, way too fiddly with a million components that I only need every millionth time I play, a nightmare to store and manage, and they attract people that are jerks. (Sorry to everybody that plays them and isn't a jerk!)

    Oh, and I'm proud to announce that I've accepted the Chaz Marler Challenge and swallowed a AA battery this morning too! A helpful tip for others that want to follow: Just swallow, don't bite!

  • I recently parted with my ipad and now it's painful to watch Suzanne introducing fun apps 🙁
    I wish there were a way to play apps on pc or there were lots of pc version of board games such as Yomi.
    I think pc is better for digital version of board games than small tablet anyway (especially for  big games like Dominant Species).

  • The rating scale made me think of the movie Spinal Tap. He had a guitar amplifier that went to 11. Why not get a more powerful amplifier? Well it goes to 11 which is 1 more. Sometimes i feel this logic applies to game rating scales, with the variety causing confusion and at times by skewed and manipulated by some folks. That is why it's essential to find reviews and reviewers who remain consistent in there opinions, allowing you to make an informed equipment

  • Hook the small box pirate game had card tiles where you punched out small black circle disks from the tiles. Don't throw these pieces out as the opening section of the rules list these cardboard black circles are actually a component of the game. Some DOW games like relic runner say keep the punched out sheets as they go under the insert to stop the components falling out by making the box a tight fit.

  • I love it when folks return dinked boxes back to the store. It means I will be able to get a copy of a game at a reduced price. I find it means I can buy games that I may not have bought due to high price points.

  • Games that take me back to my childhood – Star Wars Epic Duels. I saw it at Walmart for $20 and bought it right away. Originally I was going to buy Star Wars Risk but all the copies were gone. They had a ton of Epic Duel copies, so I figured it wasn't going to be as good as Risk, but bought it anyway. Anyways as soon as I started playing it, I and my brother were hooked.

  • Thanks for including Wordwright in the Kickstarter update!

    On Kickstarter: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/definedmind/wordwright-build-words-with-meaning

  • Oh man, a Q&A for us west coasters and I miss it, drat!

    I would have been jumping for joy about Forgotten Realms being the main setting for D&D had WotC not gutted it and made it totally generic. That was a great setting back in it's heyday of 3.0/3.5. Ever since this Spellplague reboot the setting has been in the toilet. Yeah, I'll stick with Pathfinder.

    It's nice to see a game like Thunderbirds stick to it's source material. Nowadays it's all too common for some IP to be butchered from it's source material so some bean counters, designer, writer, or director can make it their own or try to make a statement with it. More often than not it leads to epic fail.

    Hey Tom you could have used those trash cans as game pieces for something! Funny Jason mentioned the cardboard punchouts, I save some of those to use as stencils, especially if they have a unique shape.

    Heh, I started painting minis on Reaper minis for D&D and Warhammer Fantasy minis for my army. Not such a good idea for a beginner!!

    I would use a 10 scale but I'd definitely mention if the game seemed overpriced or if it was a steal. Remember, this is the reviewer's opinion, use it as a guide, not fact. If it's a trusted reviewer, it's usually spot on, as I've found with the Dice Tower.

  • I usually pull out Power Grid for people who like Monopoly. I think it's a pretty reasonably cool theme for people to get into, and it's not even that much harder than Monopoly.

  • Some game is gonna have trash cans in it, and Tom's gonna throw them out only to find out he needed them.

  • I love Formula D. It wasn't my gateway game but it was one of my stepping stones into serious gaming! (Race Card joke was hilarious)

  • Really like the new format for the news segment through the use of pictures. Perhaps keep the screen split for the whole segment as the back and forth between full screen and split screen can be a bit jarring? Just a suggestion.

  • Apparently Tom is not yet convinced Elder Sign can be a good game by the way he looks when announcing the Omens of Ice expansion. C'mon, Zee! Show him 😉

  • I'm glad you said you based your rating on gut. You tend to rate things differently from how you actually feel when you explain why you like something. It's called Introspection Illusion, you can read about it here – http://youarenotsosmart.com/2010/05/26/the-perils-of-introspection/

  • Thanks Tom for explaining how you rate your games on BGG. You , Sam, and Zee have been very helpful to me in identifying games that I would like BEFORE I buy it. This prevents me from having deep regrets on spending my money on games that I ended up not liking.

    It is funny that you mention Roger Ebert (I miss his reviews. I have not found any other movie reviewer that I trust) because I use you all as trustworthy reviewers just like Roger Ebert, even though I do not always agree with you all. Because you rate games that you like AND games that you really do not like, I have come to learn what your preferred tastes in games are, which is very useful to me. For instance, when a game is in your preferred area and you say you like it or not, that opinion is very creditable and hence extremely useful to me.

    Unlike Mr. Ham, who chooses not to rate games he does not like because of his strict views on how BGG guidelines should be. First, as a new gamer,I have to know QUICKLY via the BGG ratings how a board game reviewer feels about a game, if they like it or NOT, so I know whether to spend my valuable time looking further at a board game reviewer's video reviews. I think as more new people get into this hobby, the new gamers need a quick reference like the BGG ratings of board game reviewers' opinions on what games new gamers should spend more time researching on. I do not think board game reviewers understand that their BGG ratings on games may lead new gamers into their video reviews of that respective game. I feel board game reviewers incorrectly assume that their subscribers are only long time gamers like themselves and forget that new gamers are seeing their videos.

    I think Mr. Ham is doing a disservice to himself as a reviewer when he tells subscribers (me) to not listen to his Final Thoughts on games or to not look at his BGG ratings but only see his run-throughs. Why should I spend my valuable time looking at his videos if his final thoughts and his BGG ratings IS (now WAS) the only reason why I spend my time looking at his videos? Unfortunately, now Mr. Ham BGG ratings are NOT reliable to me and his run-throughs of games are not very useful to me.

    I speak as a new gamer into this hobby (little over a year) and, as a new gamer, I had a LOTS (YEARS) of information to decipher to understand this hobby. I needed and wanted a QUICK and RELIABLE way to understand what game is good for me and my group of new gamers. I feel that long time gamers of this hobby forget that they had years to understand this hobby as the hobby grew over the years while new gamers are trying to decipher 10 to 15 years (or longer) of game information in a short time. Hence, QUICK and RELIABLE game information from board game reviewers very much appreciated to new gamers.

  • Valiant has Turok: Dinosaur hunter, Magnus Robot fighter and X-O Manowar… Yeah not that exiting. Why can't we get Hellboy instead?

  • Could you ever do a Q&A a bit earlier than your usual time? Since for me it's usually in the evening or during dinner.

  • I'm pretty sure The Best and The Worst is secretly shot in my game closet. I don't even have that many games!

  • For me it is probably dice games that in theory appeal to me, but then i found them too lucky and random to enjoy, though i still find some aspects of them interesting enough to still try again and again (Nations the dice game..).

  • Tom, I got my Christmas card from you on Saturday and may I say it was fantastic! I don't know what I was expecting but it certainly wasn't a card that was hand signed by every member of the family. Thank you for all you do and may you and yours have a very Merry Christmas.

  • HEROQUEST definitely beings me back to being 9 years old and playing in my friends room. That was the game that started it all for me.

  • The game that puts me back in high school is Star Frontiers, the %dice space RPG from TSR. If I only had a group that wanted to play it weekly…

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